Let's take a look at the Tesla estimated delivery times (for new orders) of all four electric car models available in the US, as of October 15, 2022.

As we know from recent reports, Tesla's production reached a new record level in Q3, and in general, its global order backlog is now decreasing, gradually returning to a more reasonable level. The best situation is in China, but also in the US, we can see signs of improvement.

The wait times appear to be shorter (at least for several versions of some of the models), and the company no longer prioritizes cars with options (bigger wheels, Full Self Driving, or other things like exterior color/interior). The only exception that we have found is the Tesla Model X (Long Range AWD version), which can be delivered noticeably quicker if a customer will select 22" Turbine Wheels ($5,500).

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Tesla Model 3

Starting alphabetically, the Tesla Model 3 is available only in two versions - the entry-level RWD and top-of-the-line Performance, as the Long Range AWD version has been put on hold (new orders) in North America in August with a promise of a return in 2023. The official reason for that was too long of a queue. A small number of 2023 Tesla Model 3 LR AWD recently appeared in Tesla's existing inventory, which means that a fresh start is not far away.

In the case of the other two versions - when ordered now, they can be delivered before the end of this year (October - December). In Spring, customers had to wait for the RWD for more than three months so it's better now.

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Tesla Model S

In the case of the Tesla Model S, the situation is also pretty good. The Plaid version is basically available right away (November-December), while the Long Range AWD version might require a few more months (up to February 2023).

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Tesla Model X

The worst situation is with the Tesla Model X Long Range, because its estimated delivery time is July 2023 - October 2023 (20" wheels) or March 2023 - June 2023 if equipped with 22" Turbine Wheels ($5,500).

The Plaid version is available right away (November-December), just like the Model S Plaid.

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Tesla Model Y

Finally, the Tesla Model Y, which is the most popular Tesla model. While the Performance version remains easily available (October-November), the base Long Range AWD version still requires some waiting: December 2022 - April 2023.

However, those 2-6 months sound much better than 2-9 months (depending on configuration) in the Spring. We guess that the ramp-up of production at the Tesla Giga Texas plant will allow Tesla to further improve the wait time.

Estimated delivery time (new orders) [October 15, 2022]:

Tesla Model 3:

  • RWD: Oct-Dec, 2022
  • Long Range AWD: temporarily not available (coming in 2023)
  • Performance: Oct-Nov, 2022

Tesla Model S:

  • Long Range: Nov, 2022 - Feb, 2023
  • Plaid: Nov-Dec, 2022

Tesla Model X:

  • Long Range:
    20" Cyberstream Wheels: Jul, 2023 - Oct, 2023
    22" Turbine Wheels ($5,500): Mar, 2023 - Jun, 2023
  • Plaid: Nov-Dec, 2022

Tesla Model Y:

  • Long Range AWD: Dec, 2022 - Apr, 2023
  • Performance: Oct-Nov, 2022
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