Summon Comes To Tesla Model 3 Via Latest Update

JUN 25 2018 BY MARK KANE 14

The Summon feature, introduced by Tesla in the Model S and Model X with update 7.1 in January 2016, finally was released for the Tesla Model 3.

By using the app on a phone, owners of the Model 3 will be able to slowly move the car forward or backward remotely, which could be handy in some cases.

The latest Model 3 update, 2018.24, brings two other new features too – Wifi connection and Cabin Overheat Protection:

  • Wifi Networks – With this release, Model 3 now connects to available Wi-Fi networks. Tap the LTE icon at the top of the touchscreen and select the network you want to join
  • Cabin Overheat Protection – When active, your vehicle prevents the interior temperature from exceeding 105F/40C for up to 12 hours after you exit your vehicle. ON by default.
  • Summon – Model 3 can now be summoned in and out of narrow parking spaces using the mobile app. To enable this feature, tap Controls Autopilot Summon. To learn how to initiate, cancel, and customize Summon, refer to the Owner’s Manual

Largely unique to Tesla, these over-the-air updates continuously improve the car over time. It’s our belief that it won’t be long before all automakers adopt a similar OTA update approach. It advances the car will little effort on the automaker’s end, outside of programming new code and such.

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As a Model S owner who is on the Model 3 waitlist and planning to trade in: I am soooo going to miss the key fob. I use Summon a lot for all the times I want to move the car just a little for minor reasons but don’t want to actually get in the car. (EG: snow shoveling. Clear out in front; move the car ahead; clear out behind; move the car back. All without climbing in with snowy boots!) But if I have to pull out my phone and launch the app (and turn on GPS location services because I don’t want to leave it on all the time. Unless it works through Bluetooth, but I doubt it will), I’m going to use it a lot less. I’d gladly pay an extra $500 for a fob if it were an option. Same goes for opening the frunk.

I’ll also miss the cavernous hatchback, but that’s incidental.

As a model x owner since 2016 and model 3 owner since 2018 I don’t actually miss the fob too much. Bluetooth phone connection works pretty well, albeit not as perfectly as the fob would. I never use the fob for summoning, always the phone app. More often than for pulling out a vehicle out of a.tight spot I use it to reposition the car without getting back in after I parked myself and got out and accessed the trunk or just find it could be back some more. I almost never use the self park feature .

Good, then you know the answer to this: do you need to have GPS enabled in order to use Summon on the Model 3 (as you do with the app summon in the S/X), or does it work with just Bluetooth? I’m genuinely curious.

I only can summon on the X, have not gotten the new update for the 3 yet. I don’t really know what you mean by GPS enabled though? I presumed it communicated over LTE/WIFI roundtrip through teslas servers rather than directly, but I may be wrong…

If you try to use the Summon on a Model S through the app, you need to have GPS location services enabled so it can verify you’re within 40 feet; otherwise, you could theoretically engage Summon from halfway around the world.

I’m curious whether the Summon will work directly via Bluetooth, which would at the same time be proof you’re nearby due to BT’s limited range. (Or, it might still go via LTE but use BT to confirm distance). GPS location is a battery-sucker and I’m a bit of a tinfoil hat when it comes to letting the Google know exactly where I am at all times. So I only turn it on when I absolutely have to.

Iphone sometimes gives option to turn on Gps while using app vs always on.

Remote S for Tesla app doesn’t require you to have the GPS on to use summon.

I believe the Remote S app for Apple Watch can open your frunk. Might also be able to use Summon with it.

Do you need to have purchased autopilot to get the summon function? What does the Wifi connection do for you? Right now, I can only stream music in my Model 3. Not sure what I would use Wifi for. Hopefully they add some Wifi features.

Over the Air updates will go over wifi.

Also maybe the upcoming feature to pull dashcam videos will rely on wifi.

That would be nice. As well as trip reports.

Summon is a feature of Autopilot so yes, you need to have purchased the AP feature to use Summon. The WiFi feature doesn’t allow your car to be a WiFi hotspot (though that would be nice). It allows the car to connect to your home or office WiFi router and internet connection. This should conceivably allow the car to download future updates quicker (assuming your home internet connection is faster than the LTE mobile data connection built into the car).

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Summon…… thanks.


Bloody right. What a bunch of spineless, lazy, technology-addicted fools the world has become. Summon: “Move forward 3 feet please”
… bluetooth connection lost… “NO! Wait! STOP! The mailbox! The dog! The neighbor kid! LOL!

Moving 2-ton pieces of machinery remotely unless it’s absolutely necessary is a stupid and dangerous idea.