Strong Inventory Levels Help Chevrolet Volt Sales Rebound 40% in February, 1,626 Sold

MAR 1 2013 BY JAY COLE 20

More Inventory Equals More Sales For The Chevrolet Volt in February

More Inventory Equals More Sales For The Chevrolet Volt in February

General Motors learned their lesson in January; if you don’t have any inventory, it is hard to sell cars.

GM Had Some Trouble Balancing Inventory Levels Going Into 2013

GM Had Some Trouble Balancing Inventory Levels Going Into 2013

After selling just 1,140 cars in January, mostly thanks to an extended 3 week  shutdown of the Volt’s Hamtramck assembly plant that left inventories at a yearly low, GM ratcheted up the production in January and shipped almost 3,000 new Chevy’s to anxious dealers.

That excercise lead to a strong rebound in February sales, as 1,626 Chevrolet Volts found new homes during the month.  This February’s result, is a near 60% improvement over February of 2012, when GM sold only 1,023 units.

In February, DHAM produced a massive 3,298 Volts, which brought national inventories up to a more respectable level north of 5,000 units.

It is also worth noting that Hamtramck didn’t produce a single Ampera for GM Europe.  In the past 5 months combined, only 69 Amperas have been made.  (Feb- 0, Jan-42,Dec-6, Nov-19, Oct-2).   We feel it is now fair to say that the extended range Voltec platform has not been received well in Europe.

General Motor's Puts The Peddle Down On Chevrolet Volt Production.  Opel/Vauxhall Production Abandoned

General Motor’s Puts The Peddle Down On Chevrolet Volt Production. Opel/Vauxhall Production Abandoned

Now that production seems to have stabilized, GM looks to get back on track with CEO Dan Akerson’s earlier goal of selling about 3,000 Volt each and every month around the world, on their way to a goal of selling 36,000 Volt based cars during 2013.

Cristi Landy, GM’s marketing director for small cars, said in an interview earlier this month that poor inventory management decisions have mostly been taking their toll in California, GM’s largest market for the Volt, noting that Chevy has run out of product “three or four times in the last 12 months.”

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Too bad they don’t sell a five passenger version.

…or a seven passenger SUV…

That’s what we’re waiting for.. something with at the very least 5 seats, preferably 7.

The interesting thing though is the 3298 production number out of Ham. That’s pretty darn close to max isn’t it?

Well almost.

Isn’t 5000/mo (60000/yr) max?

In order to sell 30,000 in the US, they’d need to average 2700 units per month for the next 10 months to hit that target. Not impossible, but pretty tough to do.

I hate to be right…. especially in this instance.

Volt has competition from C-Max Energi, PIPrius and Fusion Energi.
The C-Max TV spots are spot on to lure in curious new buyers
who will really feel the pinch at the pump in a month or so…. Volt
sales will uptick ( as hybrids and EVs always do ) in Spring/Summer
and then go back down to these levels, most likely needing some
incentives by Fall/Winter.

It’s a shame more don’t realize that a car with Volt’s capabilities
isn’t out there – even BMW’s offerings will cost more and
seriously don’t match Volt unless one has lots of dough,
wants skinny tires and a motorcycle range extender ( i3 ),
or has $130,000 laying around ( i8 )- doesn’t care about a back
seat and wants a fast stylish toy that goes 20 miles on AC
( and who’se 3 cyl. r.e. sounds like a fart when you put
your foot into it ).

Ford’s gonna take their cut into Volt sales advertising
max total range gas/electric and 5 seats.

Chevy sells 15000+ Cruzes per month. Just get the volt price lower and they could do 4000 a month or more.

If the price of a Volt ever matches the price of a Prius, GM will not be able
to build them fast enough. I am only held back by the price and I’ll wager I’m not the only one out there like this.

The Volt is the perfect plug-in hybrid for the single person. It’s fun to drive, has a sporty design, and you get up to 40EV miles. It allows the single person to only have 1 vehicle, with doubles as an EV for daily commuting, and a hybrid for 300+ mile trips.

Volt just doesn’t do the “only car in the household” trick that
C-Max;Fusion hybrid/Energi does – or that a MPV5 would.

That really depends on the “household”. The Ford plug-in models do not appeal to everyone and the 5th seat in a compact car has a greatly overrated utility.

GM has two issues with the Volt, price and perception. They need to work on both.

It is not just the middle rear seat. I use the floor of the rear to carry a bunch of stuff that won’t fit in the trunc.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with the price. After all the incentives you can buy one for $26K ($21.5K in Southern Californai) which is the price of a loaded Chevy Cruise. I think most people are too short sighted and not really looking at the final price.

are those normal incentives or special blow out deals?

21.5 in So Cal? Have that dealer call me now! More like around 30k out the door even with the tax incentive…or maybe I’m reading the wrong ads.

It does if you’re a single guy like me.

The only problem I’ve run into is with my volunteer group, I cant move around some of the larger pieces you normally could in a large SUV/Truck. But thats it really.

I have a wife and one child and the Volt is perfect. If you want to look at the largest selling vehicle in the US, its the Ford F series pickup. You would think a plug in version of that (Via motors) would be selling well if it wasn’t so expensive and you could purchase one.

12 x 3,000 = 36,000. Essentially what they have the ability to crank out each month if they work at it. G.M. needs more than one plant making these things, they need to cut the price a bit, and they need to advertise it more if they really want sales.

But I don’t think they want to sell them as badly as they want to sell high margin cars.

The Volt is a great car.

Volt and my Ampera are really Great Cars! I enjoy it every day I drive it. But there is nearly no marketing and no advertising, so nobody knows the Ampera in Germany. And the car is very expensive, so you have to be very enthusiastic about electric cars.