StreetScooter Electric Van Receives Approval For Large Series Production

DEC 9 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

StreetScooter will be now widely available in Europe

Street Scooter GmbH, the subsidiary of Deutsche Post DHL Group, has received EC vehicle type approval from the KBA (German motor transport authority) for large series production of its basic StreetScooter WORK electric delivery van.

It means that besides hundreds of sales every month in Germany, the company will be able to without trouble sells to other countries in the European Union, Switzerland and Norway. Registrations of StreetScooters outside of Germany will be greatly simplified.

Two production sites – the main in Aachen, and the new in Düren – can together produce 20,000 StreetScooters (WORK and WORK L models) annually.

There is also a third, bigger StreetScooter WORK XL, based on a Ford Transit chassis, but it’s been produced by Ford in Cologne since October as another version of the Transit model, which means the vehicle type approval was already acquired.

Besides Germany, where StreetScooter is one of the most popular EVs (over 4,000 registrations in 10-months), some were already exported to Austria, the Netherlands and the UK. Deutsche Post DHL already uses more than 7,000 StreetScooters.

“The recently granted approval brings the Aachen-based electric vehicle producer and subsidiary of Deutsche Post DHL Group a vital step further in being able to meet growing domestic and international demand in an efficient and effective way.

In Germany, EC type approval for large series production is granted to vehicle manufacturers by the KBA to certify compliance with strict production standards, including in serial production involving many thousands of vehicles.

The approval for large series production also applies to other European Union (EU) countries and to Switzerland and Norway. It greatly simplifies registration of Street Scooter vehicles in non-EU states as well.”

Achim Kampker, CEO of Street Scooter GmbH said:

“We receive lots of inquiries and concrete orders from abroad. We can now meet that demand with greater efficiency and effectiveness, especially where large orders are concerned.”

“The level of interest shown in the Street Scooter by companies with large fleets, tradespeople and municipal corporations is huge. Approval for large series production means that when filling fleet orders, large numbers of vehicles can be put on the road without problems, including abroad. Given our growing production quantities, this is a truly vital step.”

Production of the StreetScooter electric vehicles
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In the Düren factory, the Pure (chassis only), Pickup (flatbed vehicle) and Box (box truck with 4 or 8 m3 loading volume) variants of the StreetScooter WORK and WORK L models will be produced. Production of the StreetScooter electric vehicles Production of the StreetScooter electric vehicles Production of the StreetScooter electric vehicles Production of the StreetScooter electric vehicles Armin Laschet, Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia, Thomas Rachel, State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Education and Research, Jürgen Gerdes, Board Member for Corporate Incubations, Achim Kampker, CEO of StreetScooter GmbH

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11 Comments on "StreetScooter Electric Van Receives Approval For Large Series Production"

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trouble sells to other (trouble, sell)

Best part about it is these are all sales that could hlave gone to the laggard, legacy LICE manufacturers in Germany.

When approached by DHL they instead said no, but we have these “Clean Diesel” delivery vehicles.

DHL to their credit said “no thanks”, we will build them ourselves and the rest is history now.

Another example of technological disruption of what had become a stagnant, non-innovative industry!

Sweet, sweet delicious comeuppance 😀

Volkswagen CEO Matthias Mueller said: “I am annoyed beyond measure. I, of course, ask myself why Post did not talk to our VW Commercial vehicles division about doing something similar. Let’s see if we can still get a foot in the door there.”

Guess he was too late;)

Great to see EVs making an impact in other vehicle segments.

Legacy automakers: EVs are difficult to make.
DHL: no, they are not.

I hope they will sell them to other delivery companies also.

They do, This new is about it being easier for them to sell them to other companies abroad.

I wish Uhaul or Home Depot would get some “green Ideas” and buy or lease this vans,they are perfect as most are short trips ,most not exceeding 100-150 KMS or less than 100 mls.

Ideal for a RV conversion.

Unfortunately the environmentally progressive approach of DHL with BEVs does not correspond to their customer service. They lied to me blatantly and then tried to bribe me with a voucher. It’s all in my records. For details just google “Gurtmaß bei DHL-Sperrgut reine Kundenschikane!” You may use Google Translate if you don’t speak German.