Spain Closes 2018 With Record Electric Car Sales In December

JAN 15 2019 BY MARK KANE 9

Spain almost reached 1% EV market share in 2018 and December reveals the potential for over 2%

Spain shows some really strong EV sales numbers these days.

In December, plug-in electric car sales hit a new record of 2,256, which is 126% more than a year ago. The market share increased to a new high of 2.3%.

For 2018, sales increased by 56% to 11,639 at an average market share of 0.9%.

The top three plug-ins in the country are from Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, which is solid success:

  1. Renault ZOE 1,418
  2. Nissan LEAF1,264
  3. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – 1,157

Plug-in electric car sales in Spain – December 2018

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I think next year overtaking the 3% is possible, but we are in a bit variable political situation. The current govern (left-center) is favorable for helping the electric car and alternative energy sources, but is in minority in the parlament, and need the support of other parties and this is not clear at all. If we go to new elections, the fragmented voting in many options, may left the country in a situation of instability, where one of the last things the politicians will think, are the incentives for EVs, even when most of main parties are favorable, but some of them are more involved than others. Yesterday the news said that the goverment budget has 67 million of euros for the buyers of EVs and gas (LPG and NCG) cars. Is only 400.000 € more than previous year, but is something. But as I said, the goverment needs to agree with other parties to get the budget approval. Anyway, the trend is clear, even without incentives and help, EVs are rising avery year. The UE made mandatory for all members create an adecuate net of chargers and many projects are on the way, as Ionity and the local oil… Read more »

I’m not Spanish, but spent most of December (in Alicante area), and, while I saw limited evidence of charging infrastructure (no CEPSA though), I saw very few electric cars anywhere. Hopefully this will accelerate over the next few years. Spain is a great country for electric cars potentially, with a California type climate in a good part of it.

Another Euro point of view

As opposed to Norway, Spain is typically the type of European market where only a truly affordable long range EV will move the needle. Same for France, Italy, majority of European population actually.

What are you speaking about?

With the incitives the 40 kWh Renault Zoé (with the battery) costs the price of a Renault Clio if chosen with the same level of equipment and with the fuel economy. And if you rent the battery the price matches the Clio even without taking into account the fuel economy. And Clio is the best selling car in France…

The problem of Spain if the absence of incitives.

Spain problem is the low salaries

Another Euro point of view

Right, I should probably not have included France in my short list.

Club Med countries generally are behind Scandinavia, and much of Northern Europe, but Norway is out on it’s own. The rest of us may be where Norway is now by 2025.

Affordable yes, long range no. Small and short range BEVs should be pretty popular in those countries as long as they are cheap.

Like a spanish I say that ev mobility are growing for the restrictions that are in Madrid or Barcelona but Spain is different and only the 400 TM3 makes more sales than advertising or another actions, we are jealous about our family o friends have. This is call “cuñadismo”