Shell Joins CharIN Group, Will Add Chargers At Fuel Stations

APR 17 2017 BY MARK KANE 37

Shell, an integrated energy and petrochemicals company, has now become one of the core members of CharIN e. V. (aka the Charging Interface Initiative e. V.)…which we guess is a good thing?

The company of course is still mostly engaged in refueling conventional cars with petrol, but it would now also like to be best prepared for the future of transportation; and as such, participate in an industry collaboration in the development of a common standards for electric charging technology.


“Shell is pleased to join CharIN as a Core member, and looks forward to being an active participant looking at charging infrastructure, communication and grid integration.”

This year, Shell intends to install charging stations primarily in the UK, followed by expansion into other countries.

At the same time, Shell also seems to be interested in smart home charging:

“Shell is already actively developing systems designed to serve the growing number of customers driving electric vehicles. From 2017, Shell will launch electric vehicle fast charging at a selection of Shell forecourts in the UK, with other countries to follow, to serve the ‘on the go’ charging needs of customers.

Shell is also in the early stage of launching an offer to customer fleets in Europe and the US, delivering more efficient charging for their electric vehicles via the use of Shell’s own smart charging technology. This technology can help to both reduce charging costs for customers and integrate this new demand effectively into the power grid. Smart charging technology also optimises the integration of renewable energy sources, by shifting the charge of electric vehicles to a period of the day when supply of electricity from those sources is high. Shell is also developing a R&D technology programme on electric vehicle charging and infrastructure.”

Matthew Tipper, Vice President Shell New Fuels said:

“A range of different fuels and vehicle technologies will be needed to meet growing demand for transport in a low carbon energy future. Electric vehicles are one of these solutions. We are pleased to join CharIN and take part in the efforts to develop common standards for the technology that will support the increasing number of electric vehicles on the roads wherever and however they charge”.

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What will all these Big Oil ConZpiraZy nuts think now? It should be some conspiracy somewhere anyway, isn’t it?

They’ll think that their tin foil hats are defective, or worse yet that Big Oil hacked into their tin foil hats and sabotaged them. LOL! 😀

Hey look, the two biggest shills for Big Oil are at it again.

If you look you will notice that Shell is putting in chargers in EUROPE (which is good of course), not the US of Trump!

When they start doing this in the US then we can get excited since it means that Big Oil is giving up on its H2 diversionary tactics paid for by the taxpayers of course.

Get Real,
I see you put on double tin foil hat and it is performing as expected. Good job, Big Oil shills will never get into your brain!

Get Real wears a huge tin foil sombrero on his melon. 😀

Sorry I don’t want to go to a gas station to charge. If I wanted to go to one I would own a gas car.

She’ll at least see’s the writing on the wall and making steps to change from fossil to renewable so I support the idea. I think there adding solar panels on the stations also.

If Shell stations are like 7-11 or AM/PM, I don’t mind going to gas station for few minutes of DCFC. Most of my DCFC are around 10 minutes, none more than 20. Sometimes, buying slurpee takes longer than that; some people just can’t make up their mind!

I’ve always thought that the big auto plazas (that cater to long-haul trucks, but invariably have the cheapest gas) would be great places for DCFC. They typically have a pretty comprehensive convenience store, frequently a restaurant (or at least a fast food place) and clean bathrooms. (Long haul truckers WILL. NOT. PUT. UP. WITH. DIRTY. BATHROOMS.)
Some of them even have places to use your laptop, coffee shops, and showers.

If I’ve gotta spend a half hour zapping the car, having that level of amenities is probably enough to keep me occupied for that amount of time.

I would like to see a company like shell, Hess put tesla superchargers at their locations along the interstates. Seems like a perfect match to get people in the buy stuff while they take 20 to 30 minutes to recharge.

Better to have them put CCS/Chademo in than Tesla. Everyone can use either CCS/Chademo including Tesla, and hopefully, eventually that will move to a single standard as well like when BluRay won out over HD-DVDs.

It’s just a cord. Why not have both? Teslas work better on SC, everyone else uses CCS Combo or CHAdeMO, it IS possible to build a station that has both cordsets on it.

The signaling that drives both are similar if not identical, anyway.

Shell has a lot of convenient locations. While they wouldn’t be my first choice for an on-the-go place to recharge, it’ll be nice to have them as an option.

There was a 5 car wait/line at our local superchargers on Friday, probably due to the easter traffic. At least one was using the Level 2 charger.

But the point is, more charging locations will be a good thing as drivers increase.

Lots of gas stations in Denmark has been offering EV-charging for a long time and more are coming online. It makes sense as these places make more money selling groceries and snacks than selling gas, from what I’ve heard. Might as well cater to the EV crowd and sell some extra donuts etc.

+1. Gas stations rarely make money on gas, it’s just the carrot to get people to stop and buy the stuff they do make money on. Same deal can take place with Charging stations.

I’d love to see a major gas station brand in the US move to add 150kW fast chargers at all their locations.

Only problem with that is that many stations are franchises– but incentives could be provided to owner/operators to encourage them to install the equipment– and hopefully blanket the top of the station with solar panels as well.

Yet they rarely Don’t show massive annual profits !!

They will gouge for electric charging too, I’m afraid. probably at 5 to 10 times the going rates for electricity, and then say “we told ya nobody wants electric cars”

It’s progress…

Would be interesting to know how the economics break out at the gas station level considering that the sale of gas is not where they make the money…the money is made on all the other stuff purchased while at the stop. It could be that they make more profit selling an electric charge-up than selling gas.

It’s why Tesla has been supper successful getting Tesla Superchargers located at strategic shopping centers near major highways…those shopping center owners are basically turning their shopping center into the modern day version of gas stations….get them in for the go-juice and make the money on the stuff they buy while there.

Ten years from know it will be become more obvious that Tesla sparked and won the EV revolution by making affordable cool EVs that can be conveniently and reliably charged when needing to take an extended distance drive.

The traditional car makers are not yet fully aware of the huge value-added advantage Tesla is creating for itself through the continued build-out of the Tesla Supercharger Network.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Tesla is at what? 100-120KW with plans for faster charge but the other supposed fast chargers are at maybe ~50KW with plans to go faster?

A whole bunch of 150kw SAE ones are due to start installing up highway 5 and 1 in California this year. 🙂

Apparently anyone can become a member of this club!

In the U.S. aren’t Shell branded stations independently owned?

It’s the same chicken-egg thing. Why would an independent owner install EV chargers at this point? There aren’t enough EVs around to make it worth while.

With the likes of the Bolt EV and soon the Model 3 and new LEAF, there will start to be a compelling case.

5 years ago the Tesla SC network was non-existent, and look where it is today.

That can happen at 10x the rate with a non-proprietary charger if/when the numbers make sense. That should be coming to roost soon.

Well, give it 3-5 years and I think you’ll find there’s a demand. Especially for locations along major interstates and travel corridors such as I-5 and I-95.

I believe that the franchisees could be easily convinced to install the hardware when you consider 1) the company could provide incentives to owner/operators and 2) the net cost (especially if combined with a solar installation) would allow for a higher level of profit than selling dinosaur juice.

Remember, these dealers don’t have to sell the electricity cheaply– I don’t think we’ve seen a market-driven price for electricity as vehicle fuel at present, and I don’t see where it HAS to be related to the cost of power at a home.

This will catch on more quickly if there is a potential for profit.

This is off topic but in Kentucky there’s a coal museum that installed solar panels on it’s roof to save on energy costs.

Very true but Trump voters in Kentucky continue to believe that coal mining jobs are coming back big time because President Tweet said so lol.

If the Shell chargers are 50 kW chargers, meh. Maybe for a quick 10 or 12 kWh on the fly.

But if they are 75 kW or faster, this could be useful. I don’t think I would want to camp out at a Shell for more than 15 or 16 minutes but that would get you nearly 75 miles of additional range at 75 and 150 at 150.

And there are Shell stations everywhere.

The big thing to remember is that 98% of your charging will be at home for most BEV drivers. Fast chargers are only needed in rare instances. I don’t care if Shell, or even Citgo for that matter, charges my car 2 or 3 times a year.

You guys can look your nose up at a 50 kw fast charger, but in my area since we don’t have much of anything, a 25 kw charger at a gas station would be a HUGE improvement. I went to a customer appreciation dinner at my dealer last week, and browsed the parking lot to see now 8 BOLTS for sale, at this dealership alone. Only the ‘no options’ models had no fast charging. All the ones with as little as the heated seats option also had the $750 ccs option, as well as all the premier trims. The car I bought (first sale in Western NY) had heated seats but no fast charging. This type of car apparently will only be available from here on in by special order, since I’ve checked other dealers and all their recent BOLT ev orders have been with the fast charger option. Perhaps they are getting ready for companies such as Royal Dutch Petroleum to install 25-50 kw facilities. The very largest gas (Only) station (non-indian) in the area has only a 48 kw electric service, and a 25 kw fast charger there would be a welcome addition for out-of-town BOLT ev drivers… Read more »

Incidentally, this dealership (Joe Basil), which only had ONE LEVEL 2 Coulomb 30 amp wall box, (for all their 11 dealerships) just added a second 40 amp BOSCH PowerMax2, which is interesting since I thought Aerovironment had the Bosch stuff locked up. What else was interesting was it had a chevy bow tie on it, and no Bosch Logos. The Bosch stuff is at least as good as the AV stuff, and even though made in China it seems pretty reliable – at least the old Powermax’s seemed fine.

Absolutely true, even having L2 charging available will open up more travel than having NOTHING. 50kW is a heck of a lot better than an 110v plug, if you can even find THAT.

Aside from the title of this article, I don’t see anywhere where they say they are going to add charging stations to their gas stations.

They have previously announced their intention to charges in Europe:

Once Pilot and Love’s gas station in the USA install EV chargers it will be the promised land for EV transition, but don’t hold your breath lol

Well who knows, Electrify America may just do that. We’ll see.

Pilot, Loves, and TA are definitely prime locations for HPFC infrastructure.