UPDATE: See Rivian R1T Electric Truck Live From LA


Impresses us even more when we see the real deal.

***UPDATE: We’ve added new images to the gallery below.

Yesterday, Rivian shocked the world by releasing specs and images of its R1T electric pickup truck.

Today, we present some lives images from the reveal event that occurred last night in Los Angeles, California.

InsideEVs sent not one, but two of our esteemed staff out to LA for this Rivian event and LA Motor Show coverage. While we’re still waiting for some video footage to come through, as well as some exclusive interview info related to the R1T, we can present these slick images. These live shots from the event come via our own Tom Moloughney.

As Tom states from his time with Rivan and the R1T:

Rivian really impressed tonight. 400+ miles of range, 0-60 in 3 seconds and crazy amounts of storage. Hopefully, they’ll stay on course for a 2020 launch. The legacy OEMs better begin to take notice of what’s going on…

Below you’ll find the live shots gallery, followed by a gallery of the stock images from Rivian:

Rivian R1T Live:

18 photos

Rivian R1T Stock Images:

17 photos

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Do they own a factory? Where will these be made?

Rivian already owns several factories / sites around the world.

The former Mitsubishi plant in Normal, IL is their primary assembly plant.

scroll down and skip 5 topics , all need to know

I need one of these like yesterday.

Is this the first EV with a charging port on the front passenger quarter?

Not sure if you mean only BEV or include PHEVs, but the MINI Countryman S E All4 has one at the rear of each front quarter. I don’t get why designers put one that at the front (corner or center) since a fender bender could ruin it. Is cord length really that much of an issue?

Agreed – with everything they seem to have gotten right, that charge port location is a head-scratcher…

Looks like there could be a second one on the drivers corner as well.

Less need for variants. Saves on cost.

Yes, I believe so.

Not one photo of the bed. Is there a dead Yak in the back?

So I like the idea of a long distance pickup. However, being a Tesla Model 3 owner, I don’t think I would buy anything less than a Tesla with its 100kW+ charging or equivalent, and even the “equivalent” is suspect. Just came back from Sacramento over the weekend, only a single charge for the round trip from San Jose, with a chargeup in Vacaville. Lots of stalls, showed up with a 100 mile range and left with 260, but could have done it in 20 minutes flat if needed.

Its hard to discount the value of a good charging network at this point.

They did show the storage compartment under the bed with the tire in it.

Is that a second spare, or is that the only spare? Apparently the Ridgeline has a similar system, but it’s a bit inconvenient if you actually need the spare and have stuff in the back.

It’s also not really a “storage” compartment if it’s the only place to put the spare.. :p

I have used my truck (and previous vehicles) in very challenging environments. I’ve probably driven over 50,000km on logging roads and trails, often hauling lots of gear.

I have not changed a flat tire ever.

Of course you need to have one but convenience of access to it is not much of a concern.

There is also a frunk!

There are multiple photos of the bed. Literally every aspect of it is in one of the HD slideshows.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

How I feel about the Rivian RT1:


(Copy and paste into your address bar.)

How about a photo of the trailer hitch on the back? The towing capacity is meaningless unless there is a way to attach a trailer.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

I’d be curious to know the thoughts the Rivian engineers have regarding trailers with integrated batteries and regenerative brakes in them that could feed power to the truck.

Coming up with a common powered trailer specification seems like something that needs to happen.

Not practical at all. I doubt it’ll ever happen. In just a few years batteries will be so much more inexpensive and energy dence.

At least we now know the Rivian pickup uses CCS charging. This should work great with all the Electrify America going up with 150 kW and 350 kW CCS chargers.

Might be smarter to sign up with teslas supercharging network that is already built out at 120kW and will receive an update presumably doubling that early next year. Wonder if Tesla NA is going to have a CCS connector option too like they plan to do in Europe. I am guessing that would coincide with SC V3 rollout?

This looks amazing, but I wonder if they can actually beat Tesla to market. From their website:

“Preorders require a deposit of $1,000. Production will begin in 2020. Fully-equipped vehicles with the highest performance level and largest battery pack will enter production first. Our 180 kWh and 135 kWh packs will be available at launch with the 105 kWh to follow in 2021.”

Considering that 2019 is the year of the Model Y, and Musk has stated that the pickup will quickly follow, if Rivian sees any kind of delay, they could be competing with Tesla much earlier than they would like.

That said, I wish them tons of luck, not that they need it- this appears to be a very well-thought-out vehicle!

At this point Tesla is the one that needs to prove they can hit deadlines. I know they’ve talked a lot about the pickup, but Rivian has shown their cards here and I believe they will be in production before Tesla. For one matter Rivian already has a production facility for their truck. Tesla not so much.

Agreed. Unless Musk can pull more resources out of his behind that we don’t already know about, they can only handle one new model introduction at a time. If (and that’s a big “if”) the Model Y does roll off the assembly lines sometime in 2020, the production ramp will go into 2021. I would expect the Tesla pickup to begin production in late 2021 at the absolute earliest.

And, they want to get the Tesla Semi moving, as well, and that’s a new manufactured product, as well, though I doubt they will be attempting to ramp production into thousands per week, so it *might* not be as long and drawn out affair as their consumer vehicle manufacturing ramps.

hehe no they don’t

Glad to see real picks, rather than the doctored stock photos. Thanks! Looks great! Gimmegimmegimme!!

It’s and electric Honda Ridgeline? 55″ bed is useless.

It has a ton of other, lockable, watertight storage. Surely far from useless.

Tell that to the hundreds of thousands that own short-bed F-150s, Titans, 1500s, etc. Rivian isn’t going after the contractor market – it’s for the consumer market.



Not super jazzed or fond of some of the design features. Trying to determine if the majority of people who buy full-sized pickup trucks would dig it or despise it? – A new generation of truck buyers may really find it’s shapes appealing? The frunk and storage bay in front of the bed should be lined in rubber – and/or have drains for distributing wetness. Storage/stowage of things that get wet or are dirty come to mind. Maybe there should be a city slicker version, like King Ranch version of F-150 for Sunday cowboys, and a more work-like or off-road type tough edition with rubber liners and such? The deeper the frunk, the better in my opinion. So much need for room to stash stuff in a truck – out of the weather and prying eyes. Such a big deal with my pickup. For instance, I’m hauling a backpack blower and/or expensive lawn tools. I cannot stop anywhere because I have no rear canopy. The bed cover solves that, except with taller items – Most things stick up over the bed rail. Shopping and picking up packages too… A motor for every wheel: Either too complex or just very cool.… Read more »