Rivian Shows Off Flashy Rear Seats Of R1T Electric Truck


Trucks often focus on what’s up front, but what’s in the back matters too.

Let’s take a look at Rivian’s rear-seating setup for its electric pickup truck.

The attention to detail found even in the rear seats of the Rivian R1T electric pickup truck is really quite astonishing. Just look at that fancy badging and how it’s set into the seat.

Rivian just released this image of the rear seats of the R1T while out in the backcountry, presumably still traveling after leaving Aspen.

And although this photo reveals nothing new (though it’s of far better quality than we’ve seen before), it reminded us of a backlog full of Rivian interior photos we’ve yet to publish. You’ll find these images (in addition to some we’ve already published) in the gallery below the embedded tweet.

After checking out the interior shots of the Rivian R1T electric truck, let us know in comments what stands out. Likes? Dislikes?

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So why did you decide on the Rivian, Jim? See that emblem on the back seat…pure genius! I still have to figure out how to fill the gas tank, though.

It looks like it’s production-ready, like, the interior is finished, the drivetrain is either finished or really close to being finished(since both the truck and SUV have been driving around the ski resort towns of Colorado recently). Only thing left would be to get regulatory approval to build them en masse, and get their charging network up and running(they said they want to build charging stations anywhere someone might want to go in one of these vehicles).

Watch the video on their website

While I see this truck as being for goat-ropers, I will say, that it really is a beautiful truck.
Hopefully, it/SUV takes off, and Rivian will then focus on VAN, or a work truck.

Why would a “goat roper” whatever that is buy a $70k truck

Goat ropers are what we in the west call your urban cowboy.
Lots of New Yorkers that move to Texas,Colorado,etc. pick up the 50-100K trucks and then use those in place of a their regular cars.
Likewise, I know a lot of coders and other upper middle class that will buy such a truck.

Anybody that is really working, does not buy a vehicle like this.
They buy a low-end 4wd F150 to get real work done and they will beat the s**T out of it.
Heck, I know ppl that rhino coat their entire truck/SUV.

Luckily not all of us drink ground water contaminated by ” black gold” that these “real” cowboys have to…it obviously has an effect on one’s mental capacity. That being said,the next Albertan that tells me the road I’m looking for is 3 mile north then 2 mile to the east is going to get a yard stick across thier Arby’s eatin faces😘

Who the heck cares about their brand name on the back seats? How about some performance proofs?

The Mercedes X-class sells quite well for being a “reskin” of a Renault/Nissan truck. Apparently a lot of people do care about the brand name

I would rather that they make it less fancy and keep the price lower

yep. you are probably looking at the most expensive pickup you can buy, when optioned as shown. their first run will probably all be 80k plus…..I would love to have a nicely equipped midsize all electric 400 mile range chevy colorado or ford ranger or nissan frontier for under 40k, but my guess is these are atleast 7-10 years away, plus a couple more for the tacoma.

It’s supposed to be a truck, where’ the vinyl, cloth and hard plastic and the rubber matt floor so you can turn a hose on the innards to get the mud and puke out?
Rivian seats look like high end office furniture….what no swiveling front seats?
This isn’t a truck, its a jacked up car with a really big trunk!

If I had something that nice, the first time it got dirty or scuffed I’d be 90 days in therapy….that’s what I like about my old cop car, it just works and no worries!

It’s not built for actual work it’s for rich families to take a family trip on the weekends and drive to work during the week, the same people who buy Sierra Denalis and Ram 1500 Limiteds.

Build it. My check book is ready.

Blech… what a horrible interior. It has that cheap American plastic faux-luxury car interior feel to it. I think my grandpa would feel right at home. The brown and the gray just don’t work together. And gold buckle accents? Wow, disappointing.

It’s only about 18-24 months from production. I wonder if the current iteration may change before the actual production model is manufactured? Goodness, Bar.

Hope they add a rear center head restraint.

biggest thing can it get submerged and drive it out of the river like my 20 year old truck