Rivian CEO Has In-Depth R1T & R1S EV Chat In Gondola: Video


We’d be lying if we didn’t say we’re a bit jealous.

Our good friend Sean Mitchell just published one of the coolest interviews we’ve ever seen. He’s in Aspen, Colorado, in a gondola with Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe. It’s about a 20-minute ride, and these two have no problem filling it up with interesting dialogue. We had hoped to interview RJ soon at the Plymouth office near Detroit. However, it appears we’ll have to up the ante to keep up with Sean. Perhaps we should take him kayaking, scuba diving, or skydiving?

At any rate, we absolutely love when a CEO is so candid. It has been very clear to us all along that Scaringe is extremely intelligent, very approachable, and highly professional, yet still fun and charismatic. Since Rivian spent years hiding its work and plans, it seems now there’s really nothing to hold back. Scaringe answers questions freely and doesn’t avoid the details about the company and its upcoming vehicles: the Rivian R1T electric pickup truck and the R1S electric SUV.

So, grab some hot chocolate, kick back, relax, and pretend you’re in Aspen with RJ. If you don’t have time to watch the entire video right now, check out the video description below. Sean has broken down the times related to specific topics. Once you’re finished watching, leave us some thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via Sean Mitchell (AllThingsEV.info) on YouTube:

Aspen gondola chat with Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe

About Rivian: 00:25
Where did the philosophy of avoiding hype come from: 1:17
How do you respond to people who are gun-shy of a new EV company: 2:42
What are your the R1T and R1S high level specs: 4:03
What are your three battery size variants: 5:26
How do you intend on tackling range anxiety: 6:27
Have you addressed EV towing concerns: 7:27
How have you approached autonomy: 8:34
How is your HVAC design different from other cars: 9:55
What makes your battery tech unique: 10:55
How will Rivian represent battery degradation to the user: 12:41
What type of testing did you do on your skid plate: 13:55
How can a new EV company like succeed in the extremely capital intensive auto industry: 15:13

Rivian: https://products.rivian.com

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I’m seeing all the exciting stories here and the trucks look impressive. But does anyone know whether they have the funding to carry these to markets in volume?

In particular considering that big ol’ American trucks are going to be a much tougher market for EVs to penetrate.

in the video he says you need a billion dollars to attempt something like this. the final 2 min of the video talks about confidence of having the funds (high) . but, since it’s private we don’t know a lot of details. But, also don’t have short sellers betting against them

I think the BS Tesla must go through almost weekly, due to the fact they are public, learned this and probably other startups a valuable lesson. Private buys a lot of freedom, in that regard, but it can be a double-edged sword …

Who are their backers? I don’t remember reading this anywhere, but it probably is out there somewhere, right?

Reports are Rivian has raised ~$450M from Venrock( Rockefeller family trust’s venture capital arm) and Abdul Latif Jameel Company, a Saudi conglomerate that among other things distributes Toyotas in the Middle East.

nice video! RJ instills a lot of confidence

Calm, focused and collected. That is Rivian so far. What a nice contrast to the ever-boasting Tesla CEO.

Rivian might be one the very few EV start-ups that actually ships their first two cars on time in late 2020.

They already have a full car factory since early 2017. All the parts are in place as long as they enough $$$ to ramp up over the next 24 months.

In addition, both Rivian EVs will share over 90% in parts – which makes a lot of sense saving money (same for buying the cells instead of making them and being locked in to one partner with requirements to buy X amount of cells, namely Panasonic in the case of Tesla).

> ever-boasting Tesla CEO.

I hope so. I don’t think I would have much confidence in a product if the CEO himself was not proud of his products.

Maybe you can get an interview with Elon Musk, and ask those questions.

Please post the interview to Youtube please, if you can.

LOL. Musk won’t even reply to analyst questions about these topics on the quarterly CCs.

My projection remains the same: Tesla could be done by late 2020 (the company in its current form, the brand will live on).

So right around when Rivian launches their first EVs (assuming they get continued $$$ to ramp and ship).

Then you answered your own questions. Good for you!

LMAO, the problem is that you are a known Tesla shorter and this reflects on your constant serial anti-Tesla FUD you put out here.

Here is the InsideEvs scorecard that refutes your garbage propaganda statements:

Unrealistic FUD??? Even a Tesla fanboy must realize Musk has a history of unrealistic promises, especially when it comes to timetables. RJ Scaringe has proven to be a straight shooter with Rivian. Why Tesla doesn’t move Musk to more of the “chief visionary” position and have someone with some business sense manage the company is beyond me. It has worked out extremely well with Space-X…

When George Bush said “We’re going to MARS”. I was willing to drive to Cape Kennedy to see him off!

The auxiliary battery idea is a move in the right direction, but I am envious of the swappable battery capability in the Nio SUVs, and of the super fast charging in the Taycan.

I would like to know how many presales they have so far and which of the two trucks is getting the most presales.

I really hope these guys succeed, and in the process kick the gasoline pickup truck makers in the gut. Will they? No one here knows. Everything we’re seeing and hearing from them so far sounds very encouraging, but this far out that’s still essentially meaningless.

The pickup truck market in the US will be the toughest one to convert to electrons, since the legacy companies make huge profits in that sector and won’t change unless forced. So I’m rooting for Rivian or Tesla or anyone else that wants to jump start electric pickups.

I’ve owned compact, half ton and 3/4 ton trucks from most manufacturers. Diesel and gas. I put two deposits on both Rivian’s as soon as I was allowed and I can’t wait to get my hand on them. If they’re half as good as I expect I’ll never buy ICE again.

First I heard about possible accessory of a ‘digital’ jerrycan (also written as jerry can or jerrican) 7 min in.

12:55 Great focus on interaction with the owner on how their pattern of charging could impact the battery longevity and give them recommendations. Key point is watch what the customer is doing and make suggestions based on that. Perhaps like charge up to 70-75% SOC daily vs 90-100% (Didn’t Sean Mitchell (interviewer) supercharge his Tesla high almost daily and hurt is battery? (Aug 2018 youtube vids)).