Here we spill a bunch of details on the electric supercar known as the Rimac C_Two. It's a stunning electric car with loads of tech and gobs of power.

2020 is the year when electric cars arrived in more shapes and sizes than ever before. And the electric hypercar segment is no exception.

There is a rare breed of an electric car that exists to push the limits of power and performance. But whilst many carmakers are struggling with their first, there’s one Croatian company already onto their second version.

Welcome to the Vox Network, and welcome to the Rimac C Two

With 4 wheel drive and enough performance to mean you should probably get a bit of driver training before you bury your right foot too hard, the Rimac C Two is the next breed of hypercar. Rimac says they want this to eat up motorway miles crossing continents as much as being used on the track, so let’s look at how they’re doing it.

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At the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, we first saw this car, the direct replacement to the Concept_One, a car made famous for both incredible performance, and Richard Hammond's fiery crash. Three weeks after that motor show reveal, almost all were sold out. With a starting price of $2.1m.

Rimac says the average buyer added over $600k worth of extras from the options list. That curb weight of around 2 tonnes is propelled 0-60mph in 1.85 seconds, 0-100mph in 4.3 seconds and 0-186 in 11.8. That makes it one of the fastest cars on the planet.

  • Power is 1,408kw or 1,914 hp.
  • The top speed is 258 mph or 412 km/h
  • 6 screens – including a display for the co-driver so they can see how fast you’re going too.
  • 4 electric motors can work independently, each driving a wheel, and giving total dynamic control. That allows for torque vectoring – a way of changing the torque applied to each wheel perfectly balance the car.
  • 340 miles or 550km on the WLTP cycle.
  • Power comes from a 120kWh battery. Despite the wild specs the core technology is something you might find in a family SUV. Based on cylindrical cells, 6,960 of them to be precise, they are the 2170 cells commonly found in Tesla Model 3 and Model Y cars. At peak performance, the battery will deliver 1.4MW of power!
  • That battery will charge at 300kW.

And don’t worry about forgetting the key because there isn’t one, Facial recognition is used to confirm it’s really you.

Strip away the body panels and the C_Two is b a full carbon fiber monocoque with a bonded carbon roof, an integrated structural battery pack and a rear carbon subframe, with crash structures formed from aluminum and carbon fiber. It’s not only light but it’s also exceptionally strong.

The new half-scissor, half-butterfly doors not only deliver plenty curbside theatre, they also carve away at the C_Two’s wide sill when open, meaning that when everyone stops to look at you getting out of the car, you can do it with a little bit of grace.

The wheels, like everything else on the car, have had weight shaved off in pursuit of performance. Lightweight forged alloy wheels also serve to direct air INTO the carbon-ceramic brakes, as well as being aero efficient for maximum range.

Active Aerodynamic elements

The C_Two’s front splitter features active aero elements to both modify the car’s aerodynamic profile and help maintain optimum operating temperatures for electronic and battery systems. And at the back of the car, the rear wing adopts varying positions according to dynamic loads maximizing downforce for cornering and yet also allowing for a high top speed – it can instantly operate as a full air-brake to stabilize the car under heavy braking.

As for taking your Rimac to a track, they’ve thought of that too. The car can load racetracks into the on-board memory and offer a ‘Driving Coach’ function, just like a video game, telling you which line to take, where to apply the power, where to brake and steering inputs. And it all that track driving has worn you out, the advanced driving assistance systems will take care of you back on the public roads. There are 8 cameras, there’s LIDAR, six radar emitters, 12 ultrasonic detectors and a pinpoint accurate GPS system.

The company is now fuelled by investment from the likes of Porsche and Hunday who have been impressed by their creations. Unlike many car makes, the Rimac factory produces almost all of the C-Two parts under one roof, which they say allows every part to work in sync with each other, and gives them the edge of their rivals. factory produces.

The man behind all of this is Mate Rimac. A self-confessed speed freak who has long looked up to fellow countryman Nikola Tesla as inspiration for his electric adventures. In his own words, his mission is to prove to the world that electric cars don’t have to be slow, boring and ugly. We think it’s mission accomplished.

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