Renault Expands ZOE Fleet In Zity Car Sharing In Spain

JAN 16 2019 BY MARK KANE 2

More electric cars will be available for sharing in Madrid

The new electric car sharing service Zity in Madrid, Spain turns out to be very popular as 157,000 people used it in the first year.

The fleet of 500 Renault ZOE Z.E. 40 is soon to be expanded by another 150 ZOE to 650 total by the end of January. We don’t know the number of trips, but as many customers were using Zity more than once, it’s maybe on the track to profitability.

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The Zoe is an excellent fit for car sharing. Easy handling, decent trunk space and relatively efficient. We have 300 of them here in Stockholm and I just finished a 160 km round trip in snowy conditions and the car felt very sturdy

I was in Madrid last week and saw some of them. Is a good service and will increase its popularity with the years. Probably in a few decades, most of people in great cities, will not own a car.