Renault ZOE At The Geneva Motor Show – Photos & Video


Renault presents at the Geneva Motor Show its latest version of ZOE – the best selling electric car in Europe.

2018 Renault ZOE R110

After the previous battery upgrade from 22 kWh to 41 kWh, now it’s time to put that higher power R110 electric motor 80 kW instead 68 kW on display.

Other changes are a special new Blueberry Purple color and Android Auto compatibility.

Orders for the ZOE R110 will be accepted soon.

“The 2018 version of the ZOE, Europe’s best-selling electric vehicle, features the R110, its new electric 80 kW motor, providing more power and even greater driving enjoyment. The R110 produces an additional 12 kW of power with the same overall dimensions and the same weight as its predecessor, the R90 motor. This allows the driver to benefit from greater acceleration on express ways, shaving almost two seconds off its 80-120 km/h time.

The 2018 model of the ZOE brings also new connectivity with Android Auto compatibility and has a new exclusive and stylish, dark, metallic body colour: Blueberry Purple.”

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2018 Renault ZOE R110

2018 Renault ZOE R110

2018 Renault ZOE R110

2018 Renault ZOE R110

2018 Renault ZOE R110

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3 Comments on "Renault ZOE At The Geneva Motor Show – Photos & Video"

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Of course this is good news. And even better news is that it is now possible to buy it with the battery included, which was impossible before in its most important market France.

But WITH battery it now is simply too expensive (from 32600 euros without incentives) for what it offers. Kind of the same price as the new Leaf, but without fast DC charging (it still only has 22 kW AC charging) and without other things that are now standard in Leaf/Ioniq/Soul EV/etc.

I was really hoping for CCS. This is a disappointment…

Big charging infrastructure companies are stopping AC fast charging support, as the Zoe is the only car that can fastcharge on AC (22 or 43kw). All the investments are on CCS DC fast charging. In just a few years, you will not be able to AC fastcharge at (new) public charging stations. Missed opportunity for renault.