Range-Extender For Nissan’s “New Compact Car” To Launch Early Next Year


Nissan Gripz concept

Nissan Gripz concept

Nissan first revealed its range-extending technology last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show with its Gripz concept.

Now, Nissan says that this technology will debut in a plug-in electric vehicle that will launch in Japan by the end of March 2017.

Nissan has not announced which vehicle will get the range-extender, but CEO Ghosn did say it will make its debut in a “new compact car,” which would seem to rule out the LEAF.

Some background on Gripz and the range-extender:

“The Nissan Gripz Concept is equipped with an EV technology based Series hybrid system; ‘Pure Drive e-Power’. As a result the Nissan Gripz Concept delivers a smooth, refined and exhilarating driving experience with outstanding fuel efficiency. An efficient petrol engine is used to power the electric motor found in the Nissan Leaf. This configuration generates outputs of 80kW and 254Nm.

The powertrain combines Nissan’s various control technologies from its years of experience in developing EVs. This configuration delivers greatly combines smooth, swift and linear acceleration in near-silence, with extreme efficiency.”

It’s not yet clear if Nissan will make the range-extender available outside of Japan, but given past trends, one could theorize it could show up as a 2018 model in the Fall of 2017 for the US and Europe.

Nissan Gripz Concept

Nissan Gripz Concept

Automotive News adds:

“Ghosn outlined the technology at the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting on June 22.”

“The new hybrid system, dubbed e-Power, debuted as a concept in the sporty Gripz compact crossover shown last fall at the Frankfurt auto show.”

“Using a system similar to that in the Leaf’s primary U.S. competitor, the gasoline-electric Chevrolet Volt, Nissan’s e-Power will use a small engine to generate electricity that charges an onboard battery. The battery, in turn, powers an electric motor that turns the wheels.”

Ghosn stated:

“This new electric vehicle will meet consumer demand for greater autonomy and fuel efficiency.”

“It will utilize a new e-Power system that matches the agility, quietness, strong acceleration and efficiency of the Nissan Leaf.”

Nissan’s hope is that the range-extender will make for a lower cost, long-range plug-in electric car. Toshiyuki Nakajima, manager of Nissan’s advanced vehicle engineering department, explained the e-Power system in such a way that it appears to operate identically to the Chevrolet Volt.

It remains to be seen if Nissan will employ e-Power across its lineup in the future, but we do know that at least one car will have this technology starting next year.

Source: Automotive News

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Great, a brand new car for teslians to bash

I fail to see what Nissan has done correctly lately apart doing worthless press releases about intangibles.


Wow! That didn’t take long, only 2 minutes for a Tesla fanboi to respond to Lol’s comment and bash Nissan’s new car! 😀


Come on Nissan, you have to sell this in the US. Put it in the Juke, make sure it has at least 50 miles of real world AER, make sure the REx gets it to 300 total miles of range, make sure the cost is reasonable, and Bob’s you uncle!


Why is there yet another offering to the “Compact class”?

Put it in the Juke or the Rouge already.

Sell the vehical that the people want.

The shape of the vehicle makes it look very aggressive and probably appeals to some. Unfortunately, it’s caught up in gimmicks and losing sight of what’s important. The doors are a non-starter. A main benefit of driving an SUV is for the increased visibility. This concept kills visibility. Another main benefit to an SUV is the versatility of its cargo space. Where’s the cargo space? Etc.

Making the Rogue on a 200+ mile EPA rated AER or a PHEV with 100+ miles EPA rated AER with a range extender pushing range into the 300+ mile range would be fantastic. They could add $10k – $12K to the Rogue’s base price and they would have a winner on their hands. I doubt they would be able to keep up with demand. Why automakers are dragging their feet on offering a mid-sized SUV with an effective electric drivetrain is beyond me.

The Juke and Rouge ARE in the compact class. Compact is a size classification, not a body style. I do agree that a compact or subcompact crossover is a great idea. ?

The Juke is sub-compact and has the worst/least cargo capacity of the top 9 sub-compact CUVs.

The day affordable BEVs will give you 300 miles all hybrids will stop to sell.

Leaf is a suckers car…latest problems I heard…with strong rain impossible to charge.

Leaf owner here. 2 years, 50,000km so far. Not a single issue. Solid, fun car so far. How long have you had your Leaf? Surely you must have some first-hand experience of just how terrible the Leaf is, given your confident assertion that I am a sucker…?

Right…didn’t think so. (eye roll)

You’re going the wrong way, Nissan. Give us a 60kWh battery and 150kW charging. Then push your no-charge-to-charge partners to meaningfully expand their networks.

Woops, not meant to be a reply to Leafmonkey. My bad!

The Leaf has only one problem that I know of. It very ugly. Otherwise a great car.

Also had my Leaf 2 years around 50,000 km as well. No problems thus far.

Also have my Leaf for 2 years, 78 000km without any issue. Always charged even in heavy rain, snowfalls, windy conditions. Only when there was a power outage did I find myself unable to charge !

Have had my LEAF for 15 months and just passing 18K miles. Agree with Leafmonkey and the others. Haven’t had a single issue charging and have thoroughly enjoyed the vehicle.

You’re going the wrong way, Nissan. Give us a 60kWh battery and 150kW charging. Then push your no-charge-to-charge partners to meaningfully expand their networks.

This doesn’t mean Leaf II has been abandoned. Seriously, this is just another plug-in concept.

I’m sure Leaf, gen II will be a whole lot of what gen I wasn’t. (Available next year.)

The only real negative comment I’ve heard regarding the Leaf is the somewhat poor battery performance (and Nissan’s poor response to the unfortunate owners).

The car is the world’s best selling EV. That tells you something.

Yes, I’ve had mine for 2 years now and still really enjoy it. Only issue is range. I really love driving the LEAF because it is nimble and responsive compared to my truck, but I need that magic 200 miles of range 1-2 X week that it just can’t do. I used to fudge it with destination charging but our corp offices moved recently and won’t put in new EVSE’s.

I’m currently torn between slogging it out another year hoping for the timely release of the Model 3 or buying a base Model S at the end of this year before the LEAF lease is up.

ICE vehicles in any form need not apply. I’m fully under the spell of the Kool-Aid.

Sounds like Bolt is perfect for you, but you sound like a GM hater who won’t touch the Bolt..

Yes. Qualified and experienced GM hater, how intuitive of you. However, I respect that GM is actually trying and I’m willing to admit the Volt is an exceptional interim vehicle for many. I would just rather walk on glass shards than deal with GM or any of their stealerships again.

I also expect that the Bolt will probably not be available in my part of the country for quite some time.

Distraction teqnique..,oh Nissan just release the gen 2…

I can’t believe the number of people bashing Nissan for basically wanting to release a car inherently very similar to the Volt which by all accounts is a very capable car that many people really like…
It’s not like this is going to be the only car Nissan produces, there is clearly another LEAF on the way along with other options as well.

I still think the series hybrid drive setup is the way to go. The advantages are many, but I’ll list one…..

With an engine operating at one specific rpm you can “tune out” a lot of the NVH.

Curious to see what Nissan will offer here.

why not 20kw? would be a lot more efficient.

Why not just put a RE into the next generation leaf? Maybe that’s what they’re doing and calling it something different…