Porsche Taycan Production Reportedly Set For 40,000 Annually

JAN 22 2019 BY MARK KANE 18

Taycan to be one of the best-selling vehicles for Porsche

According to German magazine Automobilwoche, Porsche decided to set the Taycan production target at 40,000 per year.

The first signs that the initial goal of 20,000 will be increased appeared several weeks ago and it seems that Porsche is encouraged by the feedback from customers and the number of reservations (in Norway alone about 3,000).

It’s hard to definitely say what production level will be achieved in the first year and whether it concerns solely the Taycan model or Taycan plus other derivatives.

In 2018, sales of Porsche increased by 4% to an all-time record of 256,255. A big part of growth were new versions of the plug-in hybrid Panamera.

With the addition of Taycan, Porsche will be selling some 300,000 cars per year, and plug-ins will become a significant part of the brand.

Market introduction of Taycan is expected at the end of this year.

Source: automobilwoche.de via Electrek

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Looks like Tesla’s Secret Plan™ is starting to work…

Wow. If Porsche can go from Job One to 40,000 units in a one year ramp, that would be incredible. It’s amazing the product coming from various manufacturers over the next 24 months. Tesla is about to get a great deal of noteworthy competition. May the best vehicles win!

Strongly agree, especially with your last sentence.

I have a very simple approach to EVs: I want as many as possible and as soon as possible on the road, reducing our oil consumption and our CO2 emissions. At the 30,000-foot level I don’t give a flying fig who builds and sells them. Tesla turns into an immense car manufacturer, cranking out 10 million EVs a year? Great! Toyota gets their act together and sells millions of EVs? Great!

(At a somewhat finer resolution, I want Tesla around as an independent company, just because they’re more fun than all the other companies combined.)

We are (finally!!!) entering the phase of this transition when we’ll see some real EV competition in the US, in different market segments. It took us WAY too long to get here, but now the fun is about to start.

The fun has started – Interesting how Tesla took back some of the SuperCharger price increase so quickly. The EV market may be turning price sensitive as more and more people consider one as a normal – not luxury based – purchase. It worries me that Tesla has apparently burned through the higher end Model 3 reservation holders. I hope they can still make money on the balance, especially when the overseas cycle concerning the same price points (high value reservation holders > low value reservation holders) are shipped.

Tesla has still Europe and China to sell the high profit models to. They must of course offer it to a price that is competetive. Still not much competition, so they’re pretty safe yet. . .But soon, they must be ready.

Tesla did even more without any experience, and it was vary hard for them but they got it, so Porsche with its experience I think will not have problems to build those cars.

Actually, they didn’t.

They produced 25,596 Model 3s in the first year.
Production started in July, 2017 and using this sites scorecard from July 2017 through June 2018 (1st year of production) the total was 25,596.

The million dollar question is… whats going to happen with the Porsche Panamera sales in 2020??
And the new BMW 8 Gran Coupé? And the Audi A7?

Different cars for different costumers. Panamera, or A7 are bigger cars and looks with more “status”. Many people still is not ready or have prejudices or have supsicious about EVs and in Germany many buyers that own a car like those need a car that can travel some hundreds of km in a day at speeds over 200 km/h. I think Taycan will not affect the sales of that cars.

The etron GT concept was the same size as the A7, so I guess the Taycan will be, too.

And while I don’t think the Taycan will have too much of an impact on the A7, the etron GT will definitely have.

This is a very good point; the various platforms will co-exist in relative harmony not so much because of the size disparities, but the difference in demographics. We assume everyone wants and EV, but there are still plenty of skeptics who don’t, and until you can go 400 miles on a single charge in sub-zero temps, then recharge in the same time it takes to fill a tank, there will always be a market for ICEs.

The Panamera PHEV will continue to sell well. Sales for the Panamera gasoline version will decline over the coming years.

It will be the 2 big seller on the Porsche brand

Yup, and if they ever electrify the Maccan, the two models would basically assure perpetual profitability.

This is anecdotal data, but according to someone who works at the Porsche supplier and posted a comment on Czech EV-related site, the annual production of some unspecified Taycan part was set to 39286 pieces more than year ago.

That is a pretty good number for an expensive car like the Taycan. Good for them.

I am sure that means that Porsche is making money at those price level to have this “relatively high volume”.

that is a great news. That means the profit margin is sufficient for more luxury maker to jump in.

It is also the best looking Porsche in its lineup, IMO. Now, I just need to win a small lottery to afford one. =)

But we still don’t know what it actually looks like…