PG&E Joins The Club Offering $10,000 BMW i3 Discount In California

Orange and Black BMW i3 sport model


Black 2018 BMW i3 Sport driving

2018 BMW i3 Sport

Now you can get $10,000 off any new BMW i3 in California, as long as you’re a Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) customer.

We previously reported that Southern California Edison announced almost the exact same deal, and an update to that post reported yet another deal for New Jersey residents through PSE&G (not to be confused with PG&E). All three deals are good for all 2017 and 2018 BMW i3 and i3s, with our without the REx (range-extending gas engine). Follow the link below for those details.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Here’s How To Get A BMW i3 For $10,000 Off

2018 BMW i3s Deka interior

2018 BMW i3s Deka interior

California residents already enjoy a healthy state rebate, added to the federal rebate, so this ups the ante incredibly.

An i3 buyer in California (and PG&E customer) could take advantage of the $7,500 federal EV tax credit, the $2,500 state credit, PG&E’s $500 Clean Fuel rebate, and the $10,000 PG&E discount. This means there’s potential for saving a whopping $20,500!

Simply take your recent PG&E bill to any BMW dealership’s customer information center and fill out a form. The deal is good for all members of the household. The discount is applied after the best purchase or finance price is determined. It’s not available for lease programs, and you have to take advantage of this deal prior to May 31, 2018.

To top it off, BMW i3 owners can get 24 months of free charging through the automaker’s ChargeNow program. This is valid at any participating EVgo charging station. PG&E Corporation’s Senior Vice President of Strategy and Policy Steve Malnight concluded:

“Today, 40 percent of greenhouse-gas emissions in the state come from transportation. Electric vehicles are a critical part of reducing emissions, creating cleaner air and meeting ambitious climate goals in California. Making it easier for customers to adopt EVs can help drivers reduce their environmental impact while supporting the state’s clean energy future.”

Source: PGE Currents

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Actually, someone who qualifies for the EFMP Plus Up incentives can get up to $9500 for trading in an old car and an extra $2000 on top of the $2500 rebate for being low-income for a combined total incentive of more than $24k off of the best price.

More details on the EFMP are on their website.


This is what it takes to actually get these cars off the lot. People may accuse GM of not wanting to sell their EV, but BMW can’t sell theirs.

They want so badly to maintain their customer base in the face of the threat of the Model 3. Pretty desperate move.


I feel like this is all BMW trying to save face with the additional mind set thinking “if we get new BMW customers now, they will be repeat customers”.

More EV’s on the street the better! But they must be sitting on a lot of inventory…

John Doe

There are a waiting list on the i3, so there must be another reason. . Unless they have more cars for sale in the US?
If the goal of BMW was to sell as many as possible, without concern about profit – they would offer the same price for everybody, even though the customer got their power from Trump coal and lies.


They are probably having trouble selling them in California to get enough Zev credits. The bolt and ME along with new leaf are eating BMW’s lunch.


*Model 3


I think PG&E is being unfair to other ev manufacturers. Why not give the 10K if you buy an ev, period?

Because it’s actually coming from BMW not SCE or PG&E…same kind of deal Nissan had not long ago.


Anybody know what the real BMW dealer selling price before rebates/credits typically is for the non range extended basic model??????

Tesla Investors

Is this available for REX version also? Reading the PG&E site, it seems to be only for the BEV version.


This is what is on the Long Beach California BMW website:
$10,000 cash back on select BMW models

$10,000 cash back

Applies to select new 2018 BMW i3 and i3 with Range Extender.

Offer only valid 3-02-2018 through 1-02-2019

Is this in addition to the $10K off from the power companies? Their website shows $2K off sticker for a $55K vehicle, so $22K off sticker plus $7500 federal rebate and $2500 state for a price of $23K? That would not be bad, but there is probably a catch and you can only use one $10K offer. There is also a $10K corporate offer and a $10K military offer. Plus a $1K college grad offer and a $2K loyalty offer.

Tesla Investors

So, if someone is a college grad who served in the military and now works in some corp, he or she will get paid to take the car? Nice!

Were you born yesterday?

The 10k cash back is the 10k “from PG&E”…of course these discounts don’t come from utilities. Even the $450 from SCE actually comes from California not the utility.


This is really gonna kill the resale value for the 5 people who didn’t lease one!

Then all they have to do is not sell.