In November Renault Sold New Record Of Electric Cars

DEC 16 2018 BY MARK KANE 10

Awakening of Renault?

Renault surprised in November with a great record of 6,453 electric car sales, which is not only 152% more than a year ago, but more than 1,300 more than in the previous best month of March 2018.

It seems that not only ZOE sales were a record at nearly 5,400, but the Kangoo Z.E. noted its best result ever of 1,046 (first time in four digits). It’s hard to say what caused such a huge growth in demand, but hopefully it will continue.

In November,  EVs stands for 3.5% of passenger car sales for the brand (in Europe, where most of EVs were sold, the share was 7.3%).

Sales results in November and after the first 11-months of this year (excluding Twizy) are:

In 11 months of 2018, Renault sold about 43,800 plug-ins and over 95% of those were sold in Europe.

Renault electric car sales – November 2018

Separately, in South Korea, Renault – through Renault Samsung Motors – is also selling all-electric cars, the SM3 Z.E. So far this year, 1,230 SM3 Z.E. were sold (down 34%).

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Excellent news from Renault.
I hope they dump diesel and start making more electric vehicles since they are losing hold of Nissan.

Renault-Nissan is practically one company.

Well, not for long ❗️

Renault owns 43% of Nissan with voting rights. Nissan owns 15% of Renault with ZERO voting rights.

Expect the shake up of the decade when Carlos Ghosn is able to fully function after being released from the #Tokyo-Hell-Hole he and Greg Kelly are Unjustly held captive in ‼️


“Sales results in November and after the first 11-months of this year (excluding Twizy) are:

• Renault ZOE – 5,370 (up 166%) and 134,909 YTD (up 23%)”

That YTD number is wrong.

Please correct it.

What, maybe 100kk higher than it should be?
“In 11 months of 2018, Renault sold about 43,800 plug-ins”
So if they sold this many in 11 months then how to get to 134k for the year.
Also that would make the numbers work as 35k + 7.5k is close to the actual number.

The reason the Kangoo sales increased was only due to more supply (of a products that was finally useful). There are long waiting lists for this car, and they have not been able to supply enough. Last time, when the lease contracts of some of our company cars was to be renewed – they wanted the Kangoo, but they were not able to deliver any.. or that is .. . they could deliver 1 (in the wrong color, and we had to wait 6 month). Peugeot delivered all the small vans we needed, in the right color, with correct logo and what not in just 2 weeks. That was diesel vans. In the summer of 2019, we’ll get a few. . but only a few. . Then we’re not going to replace any of the small diesel vans until late in 2021. By then, we’ll have at least 6 brands to choose from. These small vans drive from 20km (yes 20km) a day, and up to 6-700km. To bad they were not able to ramp up production fast enough. The diesel vans does the job just fine – but they are a bit more expensive to run in this period,… Read more »

The new Kangoo is expected soon. And Renault has some problems with the WLTP adaptation. Maybe this could explain the problems they have.

Diesel bans and proposed diesel tax hikes must be doing their thing.

The french head of state, Mr. Macron, wanted to install heavy taxes on gas and diesel – that might have helped. On the other hand, this caused a civil uprising… It’s a sad truth, that higher fuel costs will hit the lower income classes harder. Better to tax new gas guzzlers higher, so that more new car sales will be electric and those new EVs will be cheap used ones soon…

Good for Renault, if they now make a more practical, family car that would be great.