Norway Celebrates 200,000 Pure Electric Cars

JAN 16 2019 BY MARK KANE 22

Almost 11% of passenger cars in Norway are all-electric or plug-in hybrid

Norsk elbilforening reports that as of the end of 2018, there are now more than 200,000 all-electric passenger and commercial cars registered in Norway. The number includes about 160,000 new BEVs and about 40,000 BEVs imported as used.

The total number of BEV cars increased in the past year by 41% from 141,951 to 200,192:

  • 194,900 passenger cars (about 7.17% of total 2.7 million passenger cars in the country)
  • 5,292 commercial delivery vehicles (about 1.1% of vans)

Additionally, there are 95,993 plug-in hybrid passenger cars registered (3.53% of the total), which brings the all-electric fleet to 290,983 and 10.7% of passenger cars. The progress is rapid as we just a few months ago reported 10% share.

Other than that, Norway has:

  • 3,010 electric motorcycles and mopeds (including Renault Twizy or Buddy)
  • 42 electric buses
  • 13 electric trucks
  • 143 hydrogen fuel cell passenger cars

Especially the segment of electric buses is expected to surge in the coming years.

In 2018 all-electric passenger cars had 31.2% market share in new car sales.

The most popular all-electric car in Norway is the Nissan LEAF with 49,823 registrations (new and used imported). In 2018 LEAF was also responsible for 1/4 of all BEV registrations.

Top 10 most popular all-electric cars in Norway

Source: Norsk elbilforening

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The Model 3 flood is coming very soon.

Looks like they might be taken by VW ID Neo flood next year as well. Small more affordable hatchbacks appear to sell very well there.

Norway is a super interesting battlefield for BEVs because the market is smaller than the automakers capacity to deliver and because incentives make selling gassers not very appealing. Gassers are only selling in Norway to the degree that the form factor vehicle type is missing among available BEVs.

I may add I hope Rivian launches their pickup truck and SUV in Norway by 2020 because that is one of the remaining types of vehicles that are not really available as BEVs in Norway. They would sell very well.

Few pickup trucks are sold in Norway. It would not sell very well…. Pickup trucks should just plainly be banned, it is a kind of vehicle that no one needs and that just creates problems.

I could drive for 3 hours, and count less then 5 pick-ups. Not popular.
I see a few, and they are very small compared to what I see in the US, and they are normally japanese made, with a few VWs and Fords.

Usually vans are preferred by carpenters, electricians, plumbers, gardeners and what not. They all have a hitch of course.

They’re not able to meet demand. With the exception of Tesla Model S and X, and lately Renault Zoe – you have to wait to be able buy an EV. Some (Hyundai and KIA) have 2 years (or more) waiting time.
Renaults tiny panel van have also had serious delivery problems.

That’s right! BMW i3 and e-Golf sells a lot in Norway. VW has a very good reputation, a trusted brand. The I.D will be popular, for sure.

Are you sure about that?
From comments by Tesla Bjorn and other Norwegians, the ability to tow is quite important to many people. That’s why the Model X is so popular.
We shall have to wait and see how popular the Model 3 is.

I think a tow hitch will be an option later this year for Model 3. Tesla can’t be that stupid to forget about this. Plenty off people are blocking about it so they should know how important the tow hitch is.

Yes many cars have trailer hitches in Scandinavia, but often they don’t tow much more than a garden trailer in my experience. Years ago we owned a Honda Civic in the US (which was not rated for towing) but the Civic in Sweden was rated for towing. I don’t know the weight rating allowed however.

you don’t need a truck to tow. Even most small cars can tow at least 750kg if you add a hitch. Every hatchback can tow, most SUV too.

Got the call from Tesla Delivery Center yesterday to make plans for March delivery in Trondheim (Norway). 😀

cool 🙂

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Somebody else’s I hope.

Wow Richard. Way to go! 35 refs already and 15 to go to earn a $250k roadster. Happy link spamming!

Will be interesting to see Model 3 sales.
I would be surpriced if it does not break a record of most EVs (and cars) delivered in 1 month.
If they released the cheaper version- numbers would only be limited by Teslas ability to deliver new cars in Norway.

They must spend the time efficiently, before competition enters the market.
Look at VW and BMW sales for example, and compare to Tesla. Both are popular brands, and they will sell a lot til, when they enter the market. IF Norway continues to have no tax and VAT on EVs.

VW e-Golf more than Model S and X together. Unpossible. I’ve been told VW makes vaporware.

Unpossible :>

They can celebrate all they want, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are – per capita – the greatest polluters in the world. Their entire economy is based on drilling for and selling oil, and there’s nothing they can do to make amends for that sin. So give every Norwegian man, woman, and child an EV and put solar panels on everything that’s nailed down – you’re still one of the worst polluters the planet has ever known.

Oh so there worse than Texas, Oklahoma, Saudi Arabia. West Virginia, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Venezuela, India, Russia and Texas and Oklahoma have moved to wind energy.
A simple solution would be a carbon tax. Unfortunately the US has a cheerleader in office that wants to bring back coal and is a Climate Change denier.

Norway in the 70’s and onwards did what every other country with oil resources did: exploited them and earned a pretty penny. There’s a long list of countries getting rich on oil, but Norway is unique in being a strong social democracy where solidarity as a core value eventually won through, and most of its people are now prioritizing climate over their own prosperity. I challenge you to find any other country which did or would have done the same.

This is supposed to be a site for the promotion of EVs. The fact that Norway introduced incentives strong enough to become the world leader in EV adoption should be applauded, no matter their history with oil. And it may just have meant more for EVs, and even the green economy, than most token policies made world wide. This one really matters. And your salty comments make me think you’re either envious or just one of the many trolls frequenting this site to talk down all EV progress.