Nissan Sylphy EV Now Available For Order

JUN 27 2018 BY MARK KANE 15

Nissan announced that its first all-electric model under the Nissan brand in China – the Sylphy Zero Emission – is now available for order.

It’s offered through Nissan’s joint venture subsidiary, Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company (Dongfeng Nissan).

The Sylphy Zero Emission reminds us of the second-generation Nissan LEAF, but it’s far from being a 1:1 copy like the Venucia e30 was to the first-generation Nissan LEAF.

The powertrain itself seems to be old-generation – 80 kW version, while the battery is new at 38 kWh. On the other ha,nd it’s a sedan instead of hatchback like the LEAF.

Nissan Sylphy

Sylphy Zero Emission, which debuted at Auto China 2018, is Nissan’s first mass-production electric vehicle designed and produced for China. The car is built on the same platform as the Nissan LEAF, the world’s best-selling electric car.

Sylphy Zero Emission inherits LEAF’s core technologies while offering the stability and reliability of a full-size wheelbase. Supported by Nissan’s proven EV technology and inheriting the features of the flagship family sedan series, Sylphy Zero Emission brings to drivers the ultimate driving experience. Its comfortable, spacious cabin gives occupants class-leading legroom and multilayer ergonomic seating.

In addition, Sylphy Zero Emission offers intelligent mobility technologies, including a connectivity feature that allows the vehicle’s audio and video to be remote-controlled and managed from a mobile phone.”

The starting price, after subsidies, seems to be 166,000 yuan (over $25,000).

Nissan Sylphy Zero Emission specs:

  • 38 kWh battery for 210 miles (338 km) of range
  • 80 kW and 254 Nm electric motor (front-wheel drive)
  • 0-50 km/h (31 mph) in 4.4 seconds
  • 6.6 kW on-board charger
  • DC fast charging (0-80%) in 45 minutes using 50 kW charger
  • 144 km/h (89 mph) top speed
  • vehicle weight 1,520 kg
  • trunk capacity – 510L

Source: Sohu

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15 Comments on "Nissan Sylphy EV Now Available For Order"

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Would be a nice EV for Europe and the US.

I respectfully disagree. If the main or even only difference the average consumer will see between this car and a Leaf is sedan vs. hatch, then they’re too close for Nissan to have both in the product lineup.

If Nissan did an EV version of the Kicks, Rogue, or Rogue Sport, then they’d really have something. Heck, if they offered a 150 mile RS EV, I’d almost certainly have one right now.

More EV models from Nissan to choose from = higher total annual EV sales for Nissan.

Since the Rogue is one of the highest selling vehicles in the US (#4 last month), an EV version would sell like hotcakes.

How come it is cheaper in the US after the tax credit it is $21k?

Well it’s nice to see that the automakers love making better EVs for China than for North America and Europe!

Don’t know about the U.S. — but in Europe, hatchbacks sell *much* better than small sedans. There would be no point bringing this variant to Europe.

Having said that, with China having by far the largest EV sales in the world, and soon to have a much stronger ZEV mandate than anywhere else, these are some pretty strong incentive to release additional models there…

Note that they don’t want to just bring the Chinese-built models to the global market, since they only have 50% ownership of the Chinese subsidies; and also the Chinese models use different batteries. (And in this case at least, apparently outdated technology in general.)

It looks a lot like the Sentra!

That’s what its based on. Sylphy is the Sentra also known as Pulsar and Tiida id different markets. This is the first EV version.

if all was even id buy this over a Leaf just based on looks. As practical as they are i can’t buy a hatch again lol

….because practicability is not something you want in a car?

I think that would sell a lot better than the Leaf in the US. I know several people who want to buy an EV but don’t like the current selection for the price.

Hold on… 38kwh for 210 miles is 180wh/mile whereas my tesla model S needs 300wh/mile on a good day in the sun and not uphill. Are those specs right?

It is on the Chinese driving cycle which is basically the same as the super-optimistic European NEDC.

So the specs are correct but the driving cycle they are from is horrible. Hopefully China will implement WLTP by 2020.

Yes, but look at what the Tesla Model 3 wh/mile is for a better comparison as another example.