Nissan To Sell 300% More LEAFs This Month Than Ever Before

MAR 29 2018 BY MARK KANE 28

In Norway, that is.

Nissan is going to beat its monthly sales record in Norway in style in March, but even our previous expectations were shy of what we now see happening.

2018 Nissan LEAF

Preliminary registration data indicates over 2,200 LEAFs registered in March, while the all-time record was just 781!

That would be about three times more than in its previous high month, which indicates to us that Nissan is clearly fulfilling a queue of thousands orders in Norway.

The final numbers will be known next week, but we are eager to see the shockwave this sends in the automotive industry in Norway.

March probably will be a record all time for plug-in electric car sales in Norway, with well over 5,000 new BEV deliveries expected.

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Overall, Nissan received more than 20,000 orders for the LEAF in Europe. March is typically a strong month in the UK too where the LEAF is produced, so maybe Norway won’t be the only country celebrating a second-generation LEAF sales record. It all depends on production volume.

LEAF sales will improve for March, but how much?
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It’s will probably be the best selling car in Norway. I think that is a first in any country for the Leaf.

Hopefully the whole #Rapidgate issue won’t harm future sales too much. It’s a lot of bad press.

If it is cheap enough, people will still get suckered into buying. Well, hopefully, leasing for their sake.

Bjorn is doing a livestream of a 1,000 km trip in an 18 Leaf. Word is he’s already been capped at 22 kW by the 3rd fast charge. And it’s -3C where he is! Nissan also gave him a call before his trip started in earnest to make sure his vlogging would be fair. Lol

Here’s part 1 of his livestream:

Benedictus, Leaf was the best selling plug-in in USA in 2014

With a peak of 3186 in one month – would like to see that record beat!

Japan 2018-02 Leaf-II 3.720 delivered.

F150: I’m not talking about plugin only. It will be the best selling car. Including all types of fuel!

Already at 2339 right now (At 3pm CEST). Almost 100 per day would make it the best selling car indeed.

Any update?

Leaf has topped monthly sales in Norway before.

Not only that. It would be the best selling car of any sort in a single month every, by a huuuuge margin.

It’s a record that might not ever be broken. Only a massive Model 3 batch or a massive future fleet deal for an autonomous taxi model might ever get close.

All these battery trolls! Would you buy a motor cycle and then complain you can’t pull a forty foot trailer with it? Long distance highway travel is not the Leaf’s forte. If you can’t afford a Tesla then stick with gassers for now.

The Leaf excels at urban/suburban with some highway capability. My current experiences with a Leaf would not deter me from upgrading to a 60kwh in 2020. That being said, I’m not particularly brand loyal and if some one else has a compelling competitive product I’ll go there.

I am watching Hyundai with particular interest. It’s giving the Leaf a pretty good spanking in terms of efficiency. 2020 is going to be an interesting year with lots more choices.

How dare people calling out a company that misleads its customers about fast charging capability.

Your towing a trailer with a motorcycle analogy is completing ridiculous.


Nobody is complaining about 40 foot trailers. People are complaining that the old model beats the new model in long range performance. That is a legitimate complaint.

Sounds like something the Cheeto in chief would say.

Hallo Mark!
It will ber very hard for Nissan to fulfill the forecast you wrote in the headline of this post. To sell 300% more than ever before in this month would be about half a million cars. Even if we read the article and understand your thinking, meaning you are talking about Norway and the previous monthly record of 781 vehicles sold, the expected number comes down to 3124 units. It will really be difficult to register the missing 900 cars when the offices are closed for easter today and tomorrow. So, might it be possible that you wantet to write: Nissan to sell about 180% more cars this month in Norway than in it’s previous record month??

You must be fun at parties.

sometimes I’am taking things to serious. But I can’t keep calm if somebody wants to tell me something and doesn’t even know the difference between “100%” and “100% more”

I think the site Includes registration of not only new cars. here is a yesterday’s article of local sources about Leaf and Tesla sales.

Last time I checked today the monthly number stands at 2170 ( +169 imported older models / +45 imported 2018 models).

Norway’s population is 5.2M. The pop. of the US is 326M or 61.5X.

If (very big “if”) the LEAF sold the same proportionate number in the US it would be 123,000. At that rate in the entire 12 mo. year it would be 1.48M. 17M cars and light trucks sold last year in US so that would be 8.7% of the market.

That would make it the largest volume car or light truck sold in the US by a very large margin. In 2017 #1 was Ford F-Series at 900K. The best selling Non-pickup in the US was the Toyota RAV4 at 400K last year


Not to be nitpicky, but that is a 200% increase, not a 300% increase.

Unless the author has info that this will be true worldwide, the title should include the word “Norway”.

Overall good news, but as a 30kWh Leaf driver (on lease, thank Goodness) I really hope Nissan comes clean and clear about what went wrong with the 30kWh generation, and whether they found and fixed anything for the 40kWh. Or even just whether the 40kWh batteries are closer to the 2015 “Lizard” 24kWh or to the 30kWh in their chemistry and management.

Otherwise, after the initial enthusiasm with the 2018s there might eventually be a dampening of sales as the news spread beyond the EV blogosphere and mailing lists. The mass media are always looking for some bad EV news to spread around.

SUCKERS. No battery thermal management system. Not good for battery life and very limited quick charging. Buy a Bolt.

I’m a happy sucker. I don’t take the Leaf for road trips, and the range is much more than my family needs for any trips around the metro.

Saves us a ton on fuel and is cheaper than the Bolt by 25% of our cost after tax incentives. Has a bit more space than the Bolt and pro pilot is great.

Maybe we’ll get a new battery if ours degrades by a third in 8 years. I knew what I was buying, and I’m happy I bought it.

France will have the leaf as top 1 also.

Great news. I hope all models and brands see a 300% increase next month. I know they will be happy with their purchases, the LEAF is a great environmental family car. I hope Nissan comes out with some additional models soon.