Nissan Reveals New Robotaxi Autonomous LEAF

DEC 6 2017 BY MARK KANE 13

Take a ride in a new robotaxi LEAF.

Nissan, together with DeNA, unveiled the Easy Ride mobility service in Japan that will be launched in Yokohama in March 2018 to test robotaxis.

Nissan and DeNA will recruit participants for a field test of the Easy Ride mobility service
in Yokohama, Japan

The two partners didn’t reveal details, but is seems that the jointly developed service will rely on self-driving, fully autonomous electric cars.

At a later stage, robotaxis will be available for use by the general public too. The only thing the passenger needs to do is to select a destination.

“Nissan and DeNA started collaborating to develop a new mobility service that uses autonomous driving technology in January 2017. The two companies aim to combine the Nissan Intelligent Mobility vision, through technological assets in autonomous driving, vehicle electrification and connected cars, with DeNA’s experience in developing and operating driverless mobility services using its expertise in the internet and artificial intelligence.

With “more freedom of mobility” as its concept, Easy Ride is envisioned as a service for anyone who wants to travel freely to their destination of choice in a robo-vehicle. The goal is to allow customers to use a dedicated mobile app to complete the whole process from setting destinations and summoning vehicles to paying the fare.

Customers can also select recommended local destinations and sightseeing routes depending on their objectives. Nissan and DeNA plan to support multiple languages and to use a remote monitoring system to ensure customer safety.

Nissan and DeNA started a technical field test using an autonomous vehicle this year. The companies will recruit participants for the March field test from today until Jan. 15 through the Easy Ride website,

Nissan and DeNA aim to provide the service as a new infrastructure option that supplements existing transportation. With customers able to discover new local destinations through Easy Ride, the companies expect the service will also help energize cities and neighborhoods.”

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Oh, but Tesla is *lightyears* ahead in autonomy, right..?

Or maybe Tesla is lightyears ahead in hype.


Tesla’s are fine cars. A great alternative to ICE.

The way their fans scream about it like teen girls to Justin Bieber is obnoxious.

Was the Bieber concert any good? Personally not a fan but won’t judge you…


Nice attempt at being funny. Keeping working on it. Don’t give up.


LOL. Funniest thing I’ve seen all day.

Serial anti tesla troll thomas

Haha perfect ???????



What’s the cost of a Waymo car?
What’s the cost of an autonomous (with in-car monitoring and control) Bolt?
What’s the cost of an autonomous (with remote monitoring and control) Leaf?

Nobody knows who’s ahead at this point, because there aren’t any products on sale.


Hey Robo-Leaf, can you Leaf me up ahead at the next stop?

Courtney vegan

Battery range should be Nissan’s first priority.

They have that already.

john Doe

Looks like that .. talked to a guy from Nissan in Norway today. They have loads of customers waiting in line for the new car.
He says almost everybody choose one of the two top trim levels.

. . and if they have a new version in 2023 – they will have generation (almost) 3 ready, when many competitors are still on their first pure EV generation.


Range is over rated. Come Q2 2018 Leaf sales juxtaposed with Bolt sales will make that clear.


Why does it have side mirrors?