Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan Stay Strong In August

SEP 26 2016 BY MARK KANE 15

Nissan LEAF in Japan

Nissan LEAF in Japan

This year in Japan, Nissan LEAF sales have improved every month compared to last year.  So we assume that the 2016/30 kWh version has done the job in keeping up the momentum for Nissan’s EV until the larger improvements show up in 2017.

In August, LEAF sales growth in Japan amounted to 36%, up to 791 cars sold, not far from the best August ever.

After the first eight months of 2016, the 11,120 sales (up 64% year-over-year) registered is now higher than the total set in 2015 (as well as 2011 and 2012).

And there’s still a chance to to set a new all-time yearly record (the previous record stands at 14,177 in 2014).

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Great DCFC infrastructure makes a big difference. Just look at plugshare, the density is way higher that anywhere else in the world.

Yep! Where I live, we have a grand total of one DCFC. Therefore, LEAFs like mine are rare 🙁

Infrastructure is good, but in Los Angeles, many of the Free LADWP DC Chademo fast chargers have been broken down for at least a moth or more! You can thank the Nissan Leaf repetitive feeding frenzy of LYFT,UBER, and EVERCAR. They won’t be fixing them anytime soon. Just broken infrastructure going on to frustrate new EV adoptees. This is a bad situation for Nissan and Kia and Mitsubishi drivers, who are not in the business of “ride share”.

Sounds very similar to the earlier experience in Norway. Charging stations being out of order was a big issue for a few years. I read an interview with Fortums CEO (Fortum is the leading charging network provider in Norway) in which he said they had quickly learned, the hard way, that the total cost of stations is significantly lowered by spending more on the components of the charging stations. The software and perhaps above all the testing equipment has also improved a lot over time. One issue is simply that the protocols, e.g. CHAdeMO, allow many ways to achieve the same thing, and inadequately tested stations would often get into an error state simply because the car communicated with it in a way they had not anticipated or tested. I would expect the situation to improve a lot over time. As with most things, there is a lot of learning involved by many different parties – from the people who design the components to those who make them, to the people installing the chargers on site and maintain them. Given human propensity to react rather than act proactively, teething problems are simply to be expected. But it is of course… Read more »

When is the new Leaf coming????


Lets say to 100 % you will see it at Paris Autoshow or at Los Angeles Autoshow.

Depends on what you mean by “the new LEAF”.

The 2017 LEAF will be unveiled in two days, on September 29th. It gets 80% more range and a facelift with a more conventional-car design than the current gimmicky-headlights and odd behind. According to the rumors it will look more like a Pulsar than like the current LEAF.

But the second generation LEAF – a complete redesign of the vehicle from the ground up, incorporating ideas and possibly even parts from the current car only where the engineers consider it the best available course of action – is still some way off. My guess is late 2017 as a 2018 model.

The 2017 LEAF may be on sale as soon as November. In a couple of days we will probably know more about availability too.

Very unlikely that Nissan would make another relatively big change to the Leaf prior to the Gen 2. They put the 30 kwh Leaf out as a band-aid: next big change will be Gen 2, not some more band-aids on the existing design, IMO.

I hope they do unveil Gen 2 in Paris, a 2017 model, that would be cool.

Paris auto show should reveal the improved range 2017 Leaf. Should be available in Nov-Dec time frame. I think the 2018 Leaf will have similar Chevy Bolt type 200+mi. range. Hope I am wrong on my guesstimates!

if the 2017 leaf has 40kwh or more,sales will explode.
i have already canceled my model 3 reservation,got the money back within 5 days.

Imagine the 40kWh and the advanced safety systems which are already available in japan.

– Forward Emergency Braking
– Lane Departure Warning

That would already be a sufficient update if they can keep the price.

I must say I feel sorry for these people. In two days they will realize what a horrible purchase they have done, when the much better new LEAF is announced in Paris.


They’ve got a great car… if it meets their needs. The Leaf is one of the best cars Nissan makes.

I own a number of EVs and I still think the Leaf gives the best value for money package.