Nissan And Auchan France To Install 130 Quick Chargers

MAR 9 2014 BY MARK KANE 11

Nissan LEAF and Renault Zoe

Nissan LEAF and Renault Zoe

DBT-CEV Quick Chargers production

DBT-CEV Quick Chargers preparing for invasion

Nissan, together with Auchan France (mainly a network of supermarkets), is preparing a new initiative to add 130 quick charging points for 30-minute recharges across France.

The charging points, manufactured by DBT-CEV, of course will be equipped with CHAdeMO plugs compatible with Nissan EVs and with 3-phase AC plugs for the Renault ZOE.

For Nissan, this is its second stage of infrastructure rollout in France after installing 60 quick-charging units at dealers and 60 with other partners. After adding 130, by the end of the year France should have a network of 250 fast chargers with CHAdeMO plugs.

Nissan And Auchan France To Install 130 Quick Chargers

Nissan And Auchan France To Install 130 Quick Chargers

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If I was the grocery store, I’d get some money from other auto-makers too, and make the chargers dual-standard. Otherwise you are limiting your customers.

It’s simple, the CCS automakers have no interest in deploying charging stations at their own costs. They want to make the government to pay for it.

Well GM installed 5,300 in Michigan, working with non-government partners.

AC Mennekes and Chademo
thats all that people use,
particulary in France

Citroen Berlingo Chademo
Peugeot Partner Chademo
Citreon C-Zero Chademo
Peugeot i-On Chademo
Mitsubishi iMiev Chademo
Outlander PHEV Chademo
Nissan LEAF Chademo
Tesla Model S Chademo and AC Mennekes up to 22kW
Renault ZOE AC Mennekes 43kW
Renault Kangoo AC Mennekes (likely refresh to 43kW)
Volvo PHEV AC Mennekes 22kW
Smart ED AC Mennekes 22kW
other euro cars AC Mennekes, lower levels

But might as well future-proof it. (and get more $ from partners)

Nissan still has a chance to make CHAdeMO “de facto” even with the EU charging policy ruling (which says all DC chargers going forward must have the new Combo socket at minimum). They still have some time before that goes in effect, so Nissan must rush these chargers.

@kdawg, that’d be assuming that the Germans or American manufacturers would be ready to put money where their mouth is. So far, they have contributed exactly _nothing_ to the quick-charging infrastructure, and have no public plan to do anything — besides attempts at sabotaging any competing roll-out, that is.
This isn’t all that surprising given some of their execs’ position towards EVs. E.g: or

Contrast this with French, Japanese or even Korean manufacturers; e.g
Even Kia, which merely just announced its first EV, has already started installing quick-chargers.

Auchan’s choice seems wise.

I’d still put both in. And wireless while you’re at it. Do it all in one shot, vs. trying to ask for $ again later.

This would be their chance to get $ out of the automakers.

I hope some of those charger will find their way to the Netherlands. We still have 35 DBT chargers down with technical difficulties!

Quick-charging while grocery-shopping — or more likely, the other way around — makes tons of sense. Moreover, the mere presence of those chargers there should also help raise EV awareness: people will see them, start asking questions…

Hopefully Auchan will also see an uptick in sales from EV drivers, and inspire other businesses to follow suit. A 4 km range boost for every minute spent in the store is pretty damn sweet.

Looking forward to more deployments like this, and not just in France.

Great move, merci Nissan!