Nissan Rumored To Target $45,000 Price For 220-Mile Electric SUV


Maybe it should be badged Infiniti.

Nissan is supposedly bringing an all-electric crossover to market, based on the Nissan IMx concept and built on a dedicated platform. Thought to still be two years away, we hear that it may come with a price tag starting at $45,000 and a 220-mile range. If true — the numbers come from an undisclosed source talking with CleanTechnica — we worry the effort will offer too little range for too much money, though we haven’t lost hope at this early stage.

The Japanese automaker got into the electric vehicle game early with the LEAF. While it went without a direct competitor through most of its life, it’s now seen as a value play in the space, matched up against the Chevy Bolt and the $35,000 version of the Tesla Model 3 that has yet to arrive. With its modest $29,990 base price, it’s done ok for itself but, compared to the huge numbers that its Californian competitor puts up with its much more expensive Model 3 variants, we believe its fair to say it hasn’t lived up to its potential. Suspected reasons for its soft sales (comprehensive DC fast charging network aside), are battery related. Although now boasting 40 kWh in the 2018 refreshed version with an EPA range of 151 miles, its main current competitor, the Bolt, offers 238 miles.

While we have no doubt a good many people would lay out $45,000 for an electric crossover, they would expect certain things for that money, chief among them being a competitive range. We suspect the yet-to-be-revealed Tesla Model Y will be a direct competitor at this price point, and in base trim will have a similar range, possibly less, so it would appear as though they have that angle covered.

What might prove more challenging in the fight for market share are offerings from Kia and Hyundai. The Korean corporate cousins have several electric crossovers about to enter the market over the next few months that have the range requirements well covered Kia has the Niro EV and reformulated Soul EV, while Hyundai has the Kona Electric. All built on the same platform, in the U.S. they will boast a 64 kWh battery and return a range result in excess of 250 miles at a price point under $40,000.

Of course, Nissan is aware of the competition it faces and will try to offer a strong mix of compelling performance and features for a reasonable price. And, we are cheering for them as they are ground-breaking pioneers in the segment. Consumers at large, though, won’t rely on that sentiment as they evaluate their choices and so we will watch carefully to see what details emerge as we move closer to production.

Source: CleanTechnica

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Too Wild Looking, They Gotta Really Tone It Down..

Not everyone likes subtle, I prefer an edgy design.

There’s a fine line between edgy and Frankenstein lol.

It appears that some Tesla Model Y competition, may be possibly coming from the Nissan Leaf development Folks. This may get interesting, as Nissan as of late, has been lagging GM, Tesla, and Hyundai/Kia ginormously!

Great! OTA updates, 120 kW charging, and AP/FSD options and I am in…

Nissan has ProPilot, so that covers your AP requirements.

Uh, no. ProPilot doesn’t match Autopilot 1 from 2014 (which could handle lane changes), nevermind Enhanced Autopilot under Tesla Version 9.

Not sure why you are getting downvoted. The latest testing shows that they chose not to match Tesla’s AP1 functionality, which at this point is much behind AP2/2.5.

The Model Y won’t come in Dual Motor trim for less than $50K, at that’s *if* they offer a smaller pack than 75KWh.

So with the Koreans eating up the value end and Model Y taking most of the near-lux crossover sales, I’d say there is very little room for competition without playing in the middle. The question is, what do you get for $45K in the Nissan offer.

Where did you pull those numbers from? Stop making crap up.

If it were less, it would be less expensive than a Model 3.
Name one crossover/SUV that costs less than a sedan based on the same platform.

Yealp. Please know the market before saying stuff

“If it were less, it would be less expensive than a Model 3.”

The rest of the market aside, this is the key point. Musk has clearly stated that the Model 3 will be the cheapest car Tesla ever makes. So from their own mouth, Tesla has said that the Model Y will cost more.

I’m betting Model Y to Model 3 will be similar to Model X to Model S, they make dual motor mandatory and charge $5000 extra between the two models.

So I could see them starting at $40000 for the base model and then go up from there, $55000 for a similar config to the current long range with luxury package for example.

We’ll see, just a theory.

I’m guessing that the Model Y will only be offered in AWD and with the LR battery.

I expect a base Model Y to be in the $42K-45K range. If they do a similar start high and come down tactic that they did with the 3, I expect we’ll see it starting at $55-60K initially…

Which I think will make it easy to choose a Used Model X instead…

The Preowned Model X may be a compelling argument for some, while the Model Y ramps up into volume production.

So is it possible that there is no long range Leaf coming, and that this 45K SUV is instead Nissan’s long range offer promised “in the future”? Hyundai pulled a similar stunt with the Ioniq EV a few years ago: they made a cryptic comment that “124 miles of range was not enough”, then people interpreted that as meaning there was a long range Ioniq coming, then Hyundai did nothing to disabuse anyone of this severe misinterpretation for at least a year, then it finally came out that the “long range Ioniq” was in fact just the Kona. One reason I’m suspicious about this is that the 220 miles of range in this new 45K SUV is very similar to the 225 miles range of the rumored Nissan Leaf E-Plus….

The 60 kWh Leaf is supposed to come early next year. The delay is because of Nissan selling their battery factory and outsourcing the cells from LG.

You say 220 range and $45k is too little for too much for the Nissan, but then say you expect the Model Y to be similar?

The Kona and Niro are great EVs, but they are not SUVs, they are small front wheel drive hatchbacks. With low ground clearance.

The Nissan and Tesla Y are likely to be offering more performance and AWD.

Has Nissan ever produced an AWD BEV? Not saying the won’t just can’t think of one. My guess would be FWD at first and at $45k price. We could use some electric AWD CUV/SUV offerings below $50k.

Actually, having owned a Leaf and test driven the latest version, I would not equate Nissan BEV with performance either.

Compared to the Bolt it’s seems quit slow.

Outlander tech in the bev

The iMX concept is dual motor, AWD. The production version I hope will be less divisive in styling, but gotta assume it will maintain AWD.

Better hurry up Nissan because this segment is going to be very competitive ‼️

If they can’t do even 200 miles in the Leaf (and the 200+ miles range Leaf has been only a promise so far), I highly doubt that this SUV will happen any time soon.

As a two time Leaf owner I wholeheartedly agree.

They had a really bad attitude when I asked for a lease extension.

So much so that I don’t really care to do business with them moving forward.

But they have the $35k pure EV. For $10k more and 2 years seems perfectly reasonable to make a small SUV with that range… with profits.

They already had 8 years to do that and none has came so far. They only bumped the Leaf with some cheap updates and discontinued the Infinity LE.

The Leaf e-Plus with over a range of over 200 miles is being released in 2019. The current Leaf has the range it does, because that is what the majority of its customers use.

The Nissan Leaf is the bestselling EV in history, and so Nissan have contributed more to the EV revolution than anyone else so far.

Ha, Ha, what a stupid comment, “… because that is what the majority of its customers use…”
I’m a customer, and I use that range because that’s all the range it has, not because I don’t want to use more range. Ask the customers how far they want to go, then I’ll accept that’s all the range they want, but I bet they mostly want more range but can work with the range they get.
Why do you think Tesla has sold 60,000 Model 3? If that argument was correct then Leaf should have sold 60,000 so far this year as well, especially given the huge cost difference. Nope! People want more range, I believe that’s a fact.

Already postphoned to 2020

Is that a duckboat (aka amphibious)

Most good SUVs start at $40k

RAV4 and CR-V can be had easily for less than 40K

He said “good” SUV. ;p /jk

Rapidgate and not range killed the leaf hear in the states. Just take away the software limited tapering

The software tapering is there to at least partially protect the battery since there is no thermal management. The past battery degradation issues of the LEAF have created a certain degree of fear in both potential and current EV owners of all brands. Frying packs on the “new” LEAF is something Nissan very much wants to avoid (at least as much as possible).

And yet, knowing that, they haven’t done any sort of active TMS at all over the past 8yrs. Cheap fix for cheap outcome.

Hey Nissan, how bout you fix the Leaf first!

Wouldn’t it be great if it……………..wait……………………wait for it…………………….little longer………………….LOOKED GOOD!?!

45000+ tax in europe is nearly 60000€ euro

My country has one of the higher level of taxes in Europe : 20%. So here 45000 dollars (and not euros) + taxes should equate to 54000 dollars.

Right now 1dollar = 0.87 euro. So with today’s convertion and rumored price, this SUV should be sold 46980 € which is far less than 60000 € in my book.

Love the design. It is impressive and modern. By the time it gets to production (if ever), it will change somewhat anyway.

How about Nissan finally get a 60kWh car, any 60kWh car, out the gate first, before talking about future plans? The 60kWh LEAF is now about 4 years overdue, and even if it launches next month, it’s already overshadowed by Kona/Niro.

What’s this about 4 years overdue ? You thought they could improve the Leaf 1 battery density by a 2.5 ratio in 3 years ?

Nissan showed the 60kWh pack about 4yrs ago. So, yeah, it is pretty overdue.

You can show a lot of things. It doesn’t mean it’s production ready. Nor regulations ready.
And was this 60kWh pack presented in a Leaf or in a concept car with more space allowed to the battery ?

Maybe you should deap up.
The first-gen LEAF design was finalized in 2008 (actual production cars were already available Aug. 2009), with the familiar 24kWh battery. So that’s 5 years, not three, esp. given that the LEAF was a volume-produced car.
So yes, an (obviously more expensive) car could have been ready in late 2014.

I just checked. The first leaf is available in Europe and Canada since the end of 2011. But it was already sold in Japan and USA since December 2010. Even in almost 4 years à 2.5 density increase is too much in my opinion.

Ford has their “Mach 1” 300 mile CUV coming out at about the same time. Given Nissan’s lack of thermal management in the past along with range that’s no better than today’s GM’s Bolt, the Ford seems to be more appealing. Of course there’s so many details about both of these vehicles at this point in time that we don’t know…

Nissan Leaf range far less than the Bolt. Given the range issues with the Audi, Jag and Mercedes SUV/CUVs lets not count unhatched chickens regarding the upcoming Ford CUV range. 300 would be great but….

Nissan should first think about how to increase annual sales numbers of the Nissan Leaf in Japan. The Nissan Leaf annual sales numbers in Japan have always been less than 20,000 (until 2017). For the first time (in 2018) Nissan Leaf sales numbers in Japan will be more than 20,000 (but probably less than 30,000).

The Nissan Leaf has practically no competition in Japan. And there are more than 7,000 CHAdeMO chargers in Japan.

Will the availability of the 60 kWh battery pack result in substantially higher sales numbers of the Nissan Leaf in Japan in 2019?

The Nissan Leaf is being sold in at least 50 countries. But not in China.

Nissan should start a factory in China. Dedicated for the production of the Nissan Leaf. Only to serve the Chinese market. Global annual Nissan Leaf sales numbers will increase substantially.

Everybody but Tesla is currently battery limited in terms of EV production.

Apparently that is not the case for the Nissan Leaf in Japan.

Why not offer both the Nissan Sylphy Zero Emossion and the Nissan Leaf in China?

Because it would require to produce the Leaf in China. Also it’s too similar with the “Leaf based” Sylphy which figure should be more appealing for the Chinese.

Yes, production of the Nissan Leaf in China will be crucial.

Nissan would be selling a higher total number of EV’s if Nissan would offer both EV models in China.

Some Chinese people will prefer to buy the Nissan Sylphy Zero Emission, and other Chinese people will prefer to buy the Nissan Leaf.

That’s how it works, people have different preferences and desires.

A decent electrified SUV at a decent price? OF course people will buy them…. Just like people who have bought the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid.

I’d think those cars are production constrained, since if they were more easily available I’d think many more would buy the PHEV.

I hope they give it CCS charging for the US.

I kind of doubt it will happen as they are in a contract with CHAdeMO.

Chademo is just a charging standard, which they have elected to use. They are not obliged to use it.

It’s interestingly enough the new standard in China.

They made a choice and they agreed to pay CHAdeMO accordingly.

China can do whatever China wants. I’m talking about the US where, there will be a lot more CCS chargers vs Chademo.

Maybe in California there is.

Elsewhere, not so many CCS.

Most of the Electrify America will be CCS.

One advantage is that some companies are losing the rebates, giving Nissan a price advantage. At least for a while. Take into account rebates and some dealer discounting and $45K turns into $35K.

Nissan is close to losing theirs as well.

By the time this comes theirs will be gone.

Nice expected price.

I’d take either the Kona or Niro over the Bolt or Leaf. However, the current Li-ion battery isn’t good enough to lure me away from an ICE vehicle. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy watching the competition heat up.

Maybe it should be badged SpaceY.

“With its modest $29,990 base price, it’s done ok for itself” – the definition of ok below…..

More than 300,000 Leafs have been sold worldwide through January 2018, making the Leaf the world’s all-time best-selling highway-capable electric car in history, HISTORY !

I guess Nissan has done “ok” !