NIO Seeks $1.32 Billion In U.S. IPO


Shares could initially cost $6.25 to $8.25

NIO — the electric automaking startup that is sometimes referred to as the “Tesla of China” — intends to launch an initial public offering (IPO) in the near future as it attempts to raise capital to fund its future electric automaking activities. If you missed your chance to make a boatload of money on Tesla after they went public in June of 2010, this may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. (*Note: we at InsideEVs are not investment advisors and any writing here should not be construed as advice. Please contact a professional before investing in the stock market.)

If this sounds familiar, that’s because you may be a loyal InsideEVs reader. We initially wrote about the IPO a couple of weeks ago. Now, more details have emerged, including a launch date: September 12. The initial price should be made known the day before, but a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) gives us a good idea of what to expect. In it, Nio says it intends to offer 160 million shares for between $6.25 and $8.25 a slice on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The low figure would be worth an even $1 billion, while the higher amount tops out at $1.32 billion. According to the South China Morning Post, NIO could exercise an “over-allotment option” which could net it a cool $1.5 billion.

Though it currently only offers a single 7-passenger SUV, the ES8 —  the SCMP says they’ve delivered 1,381 copies of the vehicle so far and have outstanding orders for an additional 15,700 examples— it has raised its profile by building the EP9 all-electric sportscar and then smashing the Nürburgring record with it in May of 2017. It was also a founding team in the Formula E racing series, though it was originally saddled with the NextEV moniker.

The company was founded by William Bin Li who, if you watch the launch presentation of the ES8, comes across as quite charismatic. The startup automaker is using a 3-minute battery-swapping strategy in China, in addition to fast charging. For this writer, though, it is Nomi, an artificial intelligence (AI) system represented by an animated avatar on the dash, that really differentiates it from competitors and could lead the company to future success and revenue.


Source: South China Morning Post

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Funding secured?

Where do I sign up? I will be picking up a nice chunk…

Me too . Putting $200 down

$200 might become 10K, or might become 0… the fun of an IPO, 🙂

It’s a gamble

Too bad its so darn ugly – the Chinese have always had issues in that regard from architecture to industrial design. They are great copiers and that is about it at this point – maybe it will change.

Yes, shades of the fugly Coyote Mirage, er Mirai.

That’s funny: while I’m not a fan of SUVs in general, I think this one actually looks fairly decent for what it is. I like it more (hate it less?) than most of the SUVs from global makers.

That was my opinion as well… and its already in production and being delivered to customers… Not vaporware…

I agree. I actually think it looks way better than Model X. But Model X probably beats it easily in Cd.

For sure, having the leading edge of the front facia so high is always bad for aero…

The car actually looks much better in person. First Chinese car I would buy if it was available in the US.

I think the most disturbing feature of the front fascia is the Toyota Mirai style over sized triangular vents/ headlights on the left and right. That with the huge gaped mouth grill makes for a busy and odd front face. Simplify, streamline – its funny that some like it better than the front of the X which is much more refined, aerodynamic, seamless, and less gratuitous. This thing is trying to be everything to everybody and subsequently there is no there there.

I like the Model X better as well — but people often say the Model X is actually more like a minivan than a “traditional” SUV; so it’s really hard to compare…

That’s not enough $$$$

Well, this comment section shows many EV fans have no problem what so ever with “fake grills” and poor aerodynamics.

This comment section shows no such trend at all. David Green says just the opposite about aerodynamics.

Aerodynamics is a little more involved than what can be determined from a photo.

Why do they get money from US? It’s a scam! They are having this P2P person to person lending fiasco unwinding in China now where the platform or borrower took the money and ran.

because there is a lot of money floating around in the USA looking for a good investment, Most people I know have alot of cash on the sideline right now, just looking for things to put it in…

I was in Beijing last week and went into one of their showrooms inside a high end mall, I saw this SUV, their prototype sport car and their Formula E car, all very nice. Have plenty of pics, don’t know how to post them here.

You are more than welcome to post them on our Forum.

With one model and no production I guess appellatives are cheap in China just like everything they make.

Wasn’t there a time not long ago when Tesla had only one model and no production? Did that turn out OK?