Next-Generation Tesla Roadster Discount Unlocked In Secret Referral Program


Tesla’s Loot Box can get you a rather sizeable discount on the next-generation Tesla Roadster, provided you can find your way into its secret confines.

Tesla’s referral program now contains a secret area where it’s been discovered that discounts on future vehicles are part of the Loot Box prizes. The actual wording reads:

“You’ve unlocked the first secret level. Refer 5 more friends for the ability to purchase a Founder’s Series next gen Roadster at a 10% discount. Unlock new levels with every 5 referrals for an additional 2% off per referral and amazing adventures that money can’t buy.”

Per Tesla’s instructions, if you get enough referrals, a Founder’s Edition of the next-generation Roadster could be yours for FREE!!!

Teslarati adds:

“According to language found on the app’s Secret Level screen, referrers are eligible for a 10% discount off the price of a next-gen Roadster for every 5 qualifying referral sales they make. In essence, existing Tesla owners making 50 or more referrals should be eligible to a free Founder’s Series next generation Roadster. Not a bad deal for Tesla considering the referrer would have grossed at least $4 million in sales for the Silicon Valley-based electric car maker.”

Prior to this update to the referral program, a limit of 5 referral was in place. Now, it seems that beyond those 5 referrals, you enter the secret realms of the Loot Box, where all sorts of awards may be possible. Remember, this is only Level 1 of the secret (hush, hush) area we are seeing. What could higher levels possibly offer?

Next-Gen Tesla Roadster Render By Jan Preisert

The next-generation Tesla Roadster is still some 3-plus years away. It’ll go Maximum Plaid and will be a convertible, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Source: Like Tesla via Teslarati

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16 Comments on "Next-Generation Tesla Roadster Discount Unlocked In Secret Referral Program"

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So you need 10 for 10% off and 55 for a free founders series Roadster? That sounds like the best referral deal, yet.

Well, if you can get 10+ and have the money to pay for the rest of the Roadster.

With those lines that rendering looks like a Cadillac. Nice looking car but probably when revealed not much like the actual roadster.

The referral programs are good in theory but I’m still waiting for my Arachnid Wheels that I earned in Teslas referral program from July 2016 !! Come on Tesla.

Me too, it’s crazy that’s it’s been a year since winning those wheels and I have heard nothing. I did get a bag and jacket from the referral program after that, but nothing from the July program.

I’d reach out to them and ask them to bridge the gap and settle up w you.

I’ve actually heard from them, they asked me to choose a color. Not heard back when they’ll be in.

But amazingly my wife has already received the Radio Flyer from the current promotion!!!

How many referrals for a free semi?

One million…

Ooooh… you guys are missing the real big news here.
Tesla would of course not have this referral program if the Roadster wasn’t very far along in development and fairly near production.

Hoping to see an unveil fairly soon! Before or after the semi though?

Interesting take on this. Semi reveal 2 months after this party, so New Roadster reveal…12 Months later?

They have the Model Y, a possible minibus and the possible pickup truck to reveal too. So it is not like they have to save the roadster to have something to show later.

But instead use it to either drown out some bad news or push the stock if they intend to raise more money sometime.

They may want to announce earlier to build interest in the Roadster as it doesn’t have the potential to cannibalize existing sales.

True. They don’t even need to talk about any possible specs or price even. As long as the design is (almost) set they could reveal it and do no harm only build more hype around the company.

Neither I’m guessing.

Remember, the semi reveal in September is the semi and ‘one more thing’; maybe a roadster. Hmmm..

Interesting how the program is structured. Basically once in the loot box, you get nothing for the next 4 referrals, then 10% off for the next, then 2% more for each more.

That’s quite smart, because it will probably motivate people much the same as if they gave 2% for every referral starting with the first, but a LOT of people will refer less than five. Even if fully HALF the people manage to bag all five referrals, Tesla would thus end up “paying” only a percentage point per S or X sold this way.

In any case it’s shaping up to be an interesting autumn. We will get to follow the Model 3 launch and ramp-up, finally get to know the new LEAF, get *some* sort of preview of the semi, and find out what happens to the Ioniq, e-Golf, i3 and several more for MY2018. And, I think, see EV share continue to grow at a slowly accellerating pace.