With the commercial launch of the Tesla Cybertruck inching closer, it looks like the Austin-based EV maker is going full steam ahead with the latest development prototypes, with what appears to be a set of rear castings being spotted during a recent flyover of the Texas Gigafactory.

In the video embedded above and in the photos below, avid Tesla watcher Joe Tegtmeyer captured no less than 45 casted components laying on the ground outside the Austin manufacturing facility, which indicated that Tesla might soon start low-volume production of the much anticipated Cybertruck.

If these are in fact rear castings for the upcoming all-electric pickup, it means the Cybertruck’s rear is made up of no less than five big components – one big casting for the bottom part of the bed and four more pieces for the sides, as revealed in an earlier leaked photo showing an unfinished truck on the assembly line.

tesla cybertruck body shell frame reveal giga factory texas

These latest castings look different from the ones spotted last month, which were identified by Cybertruck Owners Club forum users as being front castings. Back then, there were just a handful of casted components captured on video, but this time around it looks like Tesla has stepped up its Giga Press game, with almost 50 components waiting to be put together to make a car.

According to Elon Musk, deliveries of the Cybertruck will start towards the end of this year, with full-scale production set for 2024.

We still don’t know for sure what Tesla’s all-electric pickup will bring to the table, but from various leaks and spy shots, we can expect the Cybertruck to come with an adaptive air suspension system, rear-wheel steering, the firm’s latest Hardware 4 computer, a revised yoke-style steering wheel, and a single windshield wiper.

Musk has said in the past that the upcoming truck was “a tough product to design” and that it will be able to “cross rivers, lakes, and even seas.”

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