Tesla's Annual Shareholder Event held earlier this month at Gigafactory Texas was a good opportunity for guests to check out the latest Cybertruck prototype from up close.

We've seen several videos and photos of the Tesla Cybertruck taken at the event, and they provided us with a 360-degree look at the exterior of Tesla's upcoming electric pickup truck. But what about the interior?

We didn't think anyone was allowed to peek inside the Cybertruck at the event, but as luck would have it, someone managed not only to climb inside the cabin but also take a POV shot.

Posted by Cybertruck Owners Club forum user Yomama69, the photos provide the best look yet at the electric pickup's interior.

One of the images shows the point of view from the driver's seat, providing the best look yet at the steering wheel, which looks like a combination of a yoke and the round steering wheels recently made available in the Model S and Model X.

Like those, the Cybertruck's steering wheel features force touch buttons and does not appear to have stalks. 

The photo also reveals how deep the dashboard really is, with one forum member commenting that A-pillar blindspots will probably be an issue for some people. The center console also looks huge in the photo, but sadly it appears that the original Cybertruck concept's middle seat is gone – unless Tesla plans to offer it as an option.

We can also notice that there's lots of room between the tip of the center console and the dash. The center display is also massive, and there's no instrument cluster in sight – although to be fair, the original Cybertruck didn't have one either.

There's also a second photo taken from outside the vehicle that reveals other elements, including the cool driver seat power adjustment controls, the (presumably) vegan leather upholstery, the big footrest on the left, the tip of the center console, the passenger side dashboard, and the thick A-pillars.

That's about everything we were able to spot, but feel free to let us know in the comments if you discovered more interesting stuff.

The Tesla Cybertruck remains on track to enter production this summer as CEO Elon Musk said on the Q1 2023 earnings call that the first deliveries will take place during a dedicated handover event expected to be held toward "the end of the third quarter." This likely means the first Cybertruck deliveries will take place around September 2023. 

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