The Tesla Giga Texas plant in Austin continues to increase its electric car production rate, reaching another milestone.

UPDATE: Tesla officially confirmed that the plant is now producing 5,000 Tesla Model Y weekly, which is equivalent to about 250,000 annually (when assuming 50 work weeks).


The news was yesterday reported by Teslarati (based on unofficial sources), which obtained photographs of a unique "5k" logo that features Texas longhorns and Tesla's "T" within. The special logo was used in the jubilee Model Y car to celebrate the 5,000/week production rate.


The Tesla Giga Texas factory is following the Tesla Giga Berlin plant, which reached a rate of 5,000 Model Y per week on March 25.

Production is increasing very quickly, because the company officially reported about 4,000 units in early April, and 3,000 was achieved in mid-December.

Here are some of the previously announced milestones:

Tesla produces at the site two different versions of the car: the Model Y AWD, equipped with the 4680-type cells, and the Model Y Long Range AWD, equipped with the 2170-type cells.

Tesla Model Y produced in Texas side-by-side:

  • Tesla Model Y AWD: 4680-type cells and structural battery pack
    279 miles (449 km) of EPA range (19" wheels) or 269 miles (433 km) with 20" wheels
  • Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD: 2170-type cells
    330 miles (531 km) of EPA range (19" wheels) or 318 miles (512 km) with 20" wheels

It's unknown what the proportion of AWD/LR AWD is, but the Model Y AWD probably hit some significant volume because it appeared for the very first time on Tesla's ordering website.

It's expected that the production of the Model Y in Texas will continue to increase, with a growing share of 4680-powered versions.

In the future, the Tesla Giga Texas plant will also produce the Tesla Cybertruck pickup.

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