Tesla celebrates another milestone at its Giga Texas factory, which recently produced its 20,000th electric car.

On October 30, the company shared a new photo with a red Model Y and a "20k" sign, surrounded by employees. The description says:

"20k Model Y built at Giga Texas to date!"

That's another bit of positive news related to the production ramp-up in Texas. Previously, the company celebrated its 10,000th car on September 17


This new info allows us to calculate that during the past 43 days (between September 17 and October 30), Tesla produced 10,000 Tesla Model Y.

That's about 232 per day or over 1,600 per week, compared to over 1,000 per week reported on August 20.

Considering that the installed manufacturing capacity is higher than 250,000 units annually, the target to fully utilize the capacity is roughly 5,000 per week.

Troy Teslike reports also that it took Tesla 108 days to produce the first 10,000 Model Y in Texas and only 43 to produce the next 10,000. For reference, the Giga Shanghai plant produced 20,000 units "in exactly 100 days", while Giga Berlin achieved that "in 187 days" (although we guess that it's an estimated number, which is based on the production level of 1,000 per week since June 18 and 2,000 per week since October 1).


We must admit that the Tesla Giga Texas progress is impressive, especially because the factory is producing an all-new Tesla Model Y version with the 4680-type cylindrical battery cells and a structural battery pack.

Limited supply of this type of battery was considered a major bottleneck for the plant and probably caused the decision to produce also the "standard" version with 2170-type cylindrical battery cells and a non-structural battery pack (like in other factories). This happened in late June.

Currently, we don't know what the proportion is between the 4680 and 2170 Tesla Model Y in Texas.

The new 4680-type Model Y has not yet appeared on Tesla's design studio as a separate version (it has a bit different range than the Long Range AWD version from Fremont), but was initially offered to employees or appeared in Tesla's existing inventory.

Those two versions are produced side-by-side:

  • Tesla Model Y AWD: 4680-type cells and structural battery pack
    279 miles (449 km) of EPA range (19" wheels) or 269 miles (433 km) with 20" wheels
  • Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD: 2170-type cells
    330 miles (531 km) of EPA range (19" wheels) or 318 miles (512 km) with 20" wheels

In the future, the Tesla Giga Texas plant will produce also the Tesla Cybertruck pickup.

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