10,000 Tesla Model Y electric cars have been built at the Giga Texas plant, since it entered series production at the site in April 2022.

The company shared a photo from the celebration of the small but important milestone, on a path to much higher volume.

"10,000 Model Ys built at Giga Texas to date"

It was reported in August that Tesla increased production to 1,000 Model Y per week in Texas. We don't know what level it's at now, but as the installed manufacturing capacity is higher than 250,000 annually, it must increase probably at least 5-fold to 5,000 units per week or so.

The main factor limiting the Model Y ramp-up in Texas appears to be the availability of the all-new 4680-type cylindrical battery cells for structural battery packs. Because of that, earlier this year, Tesla started production of the Model Y equipped with 2170-type cells (and non-structural battery packs). Both types are produced in parallel.

Only time will tell whether the 4680-battery supply improves enough to significantly increase production.


For reference, the Fremont Factory reached 2 million units (cumulatively - Model S, Model X, Model 3 and Model Y) in July, while the Giga Shanghai plant crossed 1 million units in August (Model 3 and Model Y).

The Giga Berlin-Brandenburg in Germany also is ramping up, producing more than 1,000 Model Y per week since June.

Overall, Tesla has increased its installed manufacturing capacity to 1.9 million BEVs per year (as of the end of June).

According to the latest forecasts and estimations, the company is expected to produce and sell more than 350,000 electric cars (globally) in Q3:


In the long-term, the Tesla Giga Texas plant will also produce the Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck - potentially in 2023, but it is not certain yet.

Before that, the company will launch the Tesla Semi (before the end of this year), but we are not sure about the location (Nevada or California).

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