Tesla announced that the production rate at the Giga Texas plant in Austin increased to 3,000 Model Y per week.

This new milestone means that the plant is able to produce some 150,000 electric cars annually (about 50 weeks times 3,000).

"Giga Texas hits 3k Model Y builds/week.

Congrats, Tesla team!"

That's a pretty substantial level, but let's note that the installed annual manufacturing capacity for the Model Y in Texas is over 250,000 (or roughly 5,000 per week).


Tesla is gradually moving towards the planned level of 250,000 Model Y per year. Here are some of the previously announced milestones:

It's difficult to say when Tesla will be able to achieve the full output of 5,000 units per week, but it probably won't be this year. We guess that it might happen during the first half of 2023.

The recent milestone does not allow us also to say what is the ratio between 4680- and 2170-type battery versions.

As far as we know, Tesla was forced to add the 2170-powered version just after starting production because of the insufficient supply of the all-new, in-house produced 4680-type battery cells.

The new version still is not listed on the company's website, which suggests that maybe the volume is still very limited compared to the 2170-powered version (the same as produced in Fremont, California).

Those two versions are produced in Texas side-by-side:

  • Tesla Model Y AWD: 4680-type cells and structural battery pack
    279 miles (449 km) of EPA range (19" wheels) or 269 miles (433 km) with 20" wheels
  • Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD: 2170-type cells
    330 miles (531 km) of EPA range (19" wheels) or 318 miles (512 km) with 20" wheels

In the future, the Tesla Giga Texas plant will also produce the Tesla Cybertruck pickup.

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