According to a relatively lengthy thread posted by Teslascope on Twitter, Tesla appears to have a whole lot up its sleeve. The company will reportedly share at least some of it at the upcoming Investor Day on March 1, 2023.

Before we dive into the detailed thread, we'll tell you upfront that it mentions Model 3 and Model Y redesigns. We were aware of the Model 3's "Project Highland," but not much has been shared about a redesigned Model Y. The thread also ends "with a bang," suggesting that Tesla CEO Elon Musk will make a huge announcement at the event on March 1.


Teslacope is an internet company that allows you to "track everything" related to your Tesla EV. It calls itself a "worldwide drivers' platform," and claims to be the highest-rated vehicle companion globally.

Teslascope also closely follows the Tesla space, and often gets inside information from employees and people with information about the US EV maker. That said, we'll be clear upfront that you should take all of the details in the thread with a grain of salt. Fortunately, March 1 isn't far off, and we should have some verification of at least some of the shared details soon enough.

The thread begins with two very long messages. Now that Twitter allows for many more characters, Teslascope typed what appear to be entire articles into the first two messages. We're going to drop them below so you can dive in, but we're not going to rewrite them for you. Moreover, it's not until after the lengthier messages that you'll find some of the most compelling details with potentially new information.


Upon perusing the long messages above, you'll learn that Tesla may have already started production of Hardware 4, which isn't new news. However, there are some details that we haven't shared at InsideEVs.

The second long message dives deep into Tesla's Full Self-Driving beta Version 11, which we've also already covered. The following messages are where things get really interesting, and Teslascope even claims it learned many details that it doesn't yet have permission to share.


It seems a Model 3 and Model Y redesign may be underway. Tesla has said time and time again that it doesn't redesign or refresh its vehicles, but we know that's not really true. Perhaps it just doesn't always do so in the traditional sense.

If Teslascope's information is correct, we may see Model 3 and Y vehicles coming to market with tweaked interiors and exteriors, new mirrors, and a tri-band GPS that allows Tesla to remove more sensors. However, Teslascope also says there are many other upcoming refinements it's not yet allowed to discuss. Will Musk reveal them next week?

And finally, we'll drop this big bang here once again, just to focus your attention on what could come to be:


What in the heck might the outspoken CEO reveal at Investor Day? Will the Cybertruck start shipping early? Will we get more word on Project Highland? Is Tesla ready to launch that promised coast-to-coast FSD trip with no human intervention? How about a $25,000 compact Tesla hatchback? Perhaps it's simply Tesla's Master Plan Part 3 ...

The potential here is endless. Let us know what you think might be "one of the most significant Tesla announcements in many years." Leave your guesses in the comment section below.

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