The Kilowatts seem to be ramping up their discoveries of new vehicles on the road in California, or perhaps Tesla and other automakers are just ramping up their development and testing of new EVs. Either way, the seemingly refreshed Tesla Model 3 was spotted again with camo, and it also had new wheels.

For those unaware, Tesla is reportedly working on an updated Model 3 as part of an effort codenamed "Project Highland." Ever since we first reported about Proejct Highland and the fact that it has likely been underway for a long time now, people have been seeing Model 3's on the road wearing camo.

The Project Highland Tesla Model 3 is expected to benefit from reduced costs. It's also likely to have some updated design cues, though nothing extraordinary. Some people also believe that there may be a version of the new Model 3 that follows suit with the refreshed Model S and Model X. Perhaps a yoke? Hardware 4? At any rate, we don't know much for sure, but it seems Tesla aims to bring the updated Model 3 to market later this year.

According to Electrek, Tesla may be moving forward with using the Gigacasting method that it uses for its Model Y and bringing it to Model 3 production. This would certainly make sense if the automaker aims to cut costs, and it would open the door for a structural battery pack, and maybe Tesla's 4680 cells.

With all of that said, we still don't know a whole lot about what to expect when it comes to Model 3 design updates. We do expect a new front end, especially since Tesla has been making sure the area is covered while testing the Project Highland prototypes. The latest version snapped by The Kilowatts also had new wheels, and you can see that the rear end is covered as well.


As you can see, the wheels on the Model 3 above are unlike any Tesla has offered to date. Electrek notes that they look similar to Tesla's 18-inch Aero wheels, though they don't have the cap. However, they're not exactly the same as Tesla's current Aero wheels, and with the cap potentially missing, we don't get to see the whole package.

Tesla may provide more details about the refreshed Model 3 at its upcoming Investor Day on March 1, 2023. Perhaps it will show off new Aero wheels and/or other new features that it plans to bring to its lineup of EVs. What do you think? Start a conversation in our comment section below.

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