Tesla just recently started rolling out its latest Full Self-Driving Beta software update to its employees. CEO Elon Musk has been talking about the significant update for months, but it has taken his team much more time than he expected. Now, some Tesla owners are posting images and videos revealing details about the update's visualizations and real-world driving manners.

Tesla's FSD Beta V11.3 is a new single-stack software setup with many improvements and updated visualizations. In short, the single-stack aspect means that the highway driving and city driving software stacks have finally been combined into one. 

Tesla's Autopilot software has been handling highway driving for some time now, and in its more advanced version, it can even change lanes and enter and exit the highway. Full Self-Driving Capability has been focused on driving on city streets and responding to stop signs and traffic signals. With FSD V11.3, the two have essentially become one and the same.

Check out the new look of the software's visualizations below:


As you can see, Tesla Bull (@Winnersechelon) on Twitter, an FSD Beta tester who is already testing the new software, is beginning to share videos on Twitter. Below is one of the first live FSD Beta V11.3 videos to hit social media. It also makes it easy to see the new visualizations, which have gray road edges and a much wider representation of the car's path.


Tesla Bull went on to share several other real-world testing videos, and he aims to continue adding more. The consensus among FSD Beta testers posting on social media thus far seems to be that the new single stack delivers a much smoother overall experience, though it's clearly not free of issues that lead to interventions and/or disengagements. 


Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta software is a work in progress that's constantly evolving, and it doesn't make a Tesla EV a self-driving car. Rather, the system assists the driver by helping with attention and limiting tasks.

We'll have to wait and see just how long it takes for Tesla to begin rolling out FSD Beta V11.3 to a wider group of beta testers, and then eventually to the entire fleet in the US and Canada. Until it's widely distributed and used, it will be difficult to get any real indication of how it's performing as a whole, and we can only expect that there will be many more incremental updates going forward.

When do you think Tesla's FSD will no longer be in "beta" mode? Will it ever be a Level 4 or 5 system that doesn't require any human intervention? If so, when do you expect that to happen? Leave us your words of wisdom in the comment section below.

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