The Made-in-Texas (MIT) Tesla Model Y AWD is still not listed in Tesla's online design studio, but the first units recently emerged on the company's existing inventory site.

According to Drive Tesla, several units were recently spotted by the WaitingForTesla bot - some with 279 miles of range (the EPA range of the MIT Model Y with 19" Gemini Wheels) and some with 269 miles of range (lowered by 10 miles due to 20" Induction Wheels). They were in different colors.

Images indicate that they have a 0-60 mph acceleration time of 5 seconds and a top speed of 135 mph. Mileage is less than 50 miles, indicating that those are brand new cars from the Tesla Giga Texas plant. The location of the cars was Miami, Florida, although we heard also about a unit in Arizona (Reddit).

Prices vary between $63,490 to $65,490, which probably was enough to tempt buyers, as the offer quickly disappeared. We are not sure whether there are still some MIT Tesla Model Y still available.


According to a report from April, the MIT Tesla Model Y was initially offered to Tesla's employees, starting at $59,990. At the time, it was $3,000 below the Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD.

Recently, Tesla has increased the prices of the Model Y in the US - by $3,000 to $65,990, in the case of the Long Range AWD version (made in Fremont and equipped with 2170-type batteries for a range of 330 miles).

Considering that the estimated delivery time of a new Model Y LR AWD is April-July 2023 (or Jan-Apr, 2023 with options), a similarly priced MIT Tesla Model Y with 4680-type battery and slightly lower EPA range available right away is an interesting proposition.

Only time will tell when Tesla will decide to introduce the 4680-type battery-powered Model Y in the online design studio. A key to doing that will be an increase in production, which currently is still quite low.

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