More than 936,222 electric cars delivered globally by Tesla in 2021 was a significant achievement, but how does it compare to other automotive groups (OEMs)?

In the 2021 Impact Report, Tesla presents a chart of all-electric car production/sales by 12 selected automotive groups in the years 2017-2021. The data comes from third-party sources (might be estimated) and excludes micro-cars (like the hot SGMW Wuling).

As we can see, Tesla remains the market leader in the BEV segment with the highest volume and one of the highest growth rates.

The second biggest player is the Volkswagen Group, just like a year ago, but there are interesting changes down below.

One of the most significant things is a huge boost in BYD sales, which allowed it to take the third position (compared to 5th in 2020). The Hyundai Motor Group improved its volume but remains 4th.

Meanwhile, the struggling Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance lost two positions and is now fifth (previously third), closely followed by Stellantis, which is sixth (up one position).

The year 2021 was pretty challenging for General Motors, which was 6th in 2020, and in 2021 was passed by Stellantis, BMW Group, Daimler and Ford. The last two OEMs are Toyota and Jaguar.

The chart does not include all groups, especially the Chinese OEMs (including Geely with Volvo/Polestar) - they would be below the top three.

The main message from Tesla is that "EV sales by all carmakers need to accelerate, taking market share from ICEs." The BEV market is still in the early beginning stages and there is potential for all manufacturers to basically expand electric car production and sell everything they produce.

This is why Tesla encourages other OEMs to produce hundreds of thousands of electric cars per year:

"In 2021, Tesla delivered almost 1 million EVs globally. We hope that every car manufacturer will strive to produce hundreds of thousands of EVs per year, as significant reduction of emissions will only be achieved if all carmakers push for an industry-wide shift to EVs."

For Tesla, the year 2021 closed with 936,222 electric car deliveries (up 87% year-over-year), while after the first quarter of 2022, the company is already on track for well over 1 million sales (technically 1 million was crossed in the past four quarters).

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