The launch of the Lucid Air is arguably more exciting than most other EV launches simply because the vehicle promised a lot, and it also looks like the company delivered in ever single area where it said it would. The Air is shaping up to be a great luxury electric sedan and its first actual private owners really seem to agree.

Lucid posted this short video compilation comprised of comments and reactions from new Air owners who took part in the California Deam Delivery event. The first Airs to reach owners were high-spec Dream Edition models, and as part of the event, owners drove the vehicles on a set course through California, before driving their vehicle home for the very first time.

Opinions about the Air have been positive ever since the first journalist got the chance to drive one. The Air feels luxurious inside, it drives really well and it feels like a sold, substantial car, not one built by a manufacturer with no real prior automotive manufacturing experience. Unlike Tesla, whose first vehicle was a modified and EV-converted Lotus, the Air is a ground-up new model, making its inception as a first model a much harder task.

The video itself doesn’t really say very much, but what it does well is convey owners’ enthusiasm for the vehicle, as well as just how happy they are that a vehicle they had ordered without trying one actually turned out exactly like Lucid said it would, which is quite rare among automotive startups whose first product may or may not be as good as first advertised or packed with all the promised features.

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