H2X Global is a new company based in Australia whose goal is to develop and sell hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles. It was launched over a year ago and now it reportedly wants to offer its first model, which is based on the Ford Ranger, after it initially wasn’t planning to do it - the Ranger-based FCV was only going to be used for testing purposes.

However, according to carsales.com.au, H2X had customer interest in its converted Ranger and now it wants to start production with a major injection of funds from Liberty Energy Capital, a local Australian company focused on renewable energy.

The Ford Ranger-based vehicle will be called the Warrego and while it won’t be mass produced, companies will be able to order up to five examples. And the plan is to not just limit sales to Australia, but also expand into other markets such as Europe, where they say they have buyers from five countries (presumably in countries where a hydrogen refueling station network exists or is being created).

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The H2X Warrego’s fuel cell provides up to 70 kW of constant power, it has a payload capacity of up to 1,500 kg and it will be available in all body styles that the Ranger comes in, as well as with two- or four-wheel drive. It is worth noting, though, that Ford is not involved in the project - this is just H2X converting the Rangers on its own and then selling them.

The first examples will reportedly be converted starting next month, and the plan is to start manufacturing them on a wider scale and ultimately being sales in April of 2022. The company makes it clear, though, that even though it plans to sell the Warrego, it actually wants to build its own vehicles.

The plan is to develop a new dedicated architecture specifically designed for an FCV then use that as the underpinnings for a light van, a taxi, as well as a new pickup and SUV. Yet even before it launches the Warrego pickup, H2X will launch its first product, a modular fuel-cell generator.

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