Get ready for a whole new level of performance from sports sedan - the Tesla Model S Plaid is here and it’s out for hypercar blood. One stripped-out and modified example was recently driven around the Laguna Seca racetrack by Randy Pobst (who will also be driving that same car at Pikes Peak on June 27) and frankly it’s almost scary how quickly it gathers speed.

As Pobst approaches the final straight, he floors the go pedal (the camera angle and the lack of a dashboard allow you to see the exact moment when he does it) and the Model S Plaid passes what looks like a Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 as if it was standing still. Mind you, that’s a 414 horsepower car that hits sixty in under 4 seconds and tops out at 189 mph (304 km/h); it’s the opposite of a base Cayman.

The fact that this particular Model S Plaid was breathed upon by Unplugged Performance has made it even faster. Aside from the obvious modification, the massive wing on the back and the lightweight wheels shod in slick tires, it also has a fully stripped out interior - it’s grippier and lighter than a regular Plaid.


Unplugged Performance also shared a short video on its Instagram showing the Model S they modified passing supercars around Laguna Seca. It just shoots past what looks like a McLaren Senna, although this is also Randy Pobst’s merit for making the McLaren’s driver miss his braking point. The Tesla would still have been quicker and able to overtake it on the straight.

It doesn’t make a sound, but the Model S Plaid (modified by Unplugged Performance or not) is going to become a performance benchmark for all fast cars (electric or otherwise) to beat. It would also be interesting to see Unplugged Performance get absorbed into Tesla (now that it's been made an official authorized Tesla service and repair shop) and be turned into an in-house tuning division, exactly like what AMG is to Mercedes-Benz.

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