Electric vehicles have many benefits, so much so, most drivers do not go back to ICE vehicles after they've owned an EV. Teslas are currently the most popular EVs in the world and what most EV owners drive, but they are of course not for everyone. Tesla YouTuber Tall Tesla Guy explains five reasons why someone might not want a Tesla. Below is a quick rundown in case you can't watch the 10-minute video. I added an additional reason he missed. 

The Mininalistic Interior 

Tesla interiors are sleek looking but very bare with the exception of the large screen. Buttons and knobs are almost nonexistent. That's fine for some, but others might want more styling and more buttons. Those who are a little older grew up with vehicles having lots of buttons and knobs and that's what they might prefer. Not everyone wants to control almost everything through a touchscreen. Also, there will be a learning curve for new Tesla owners, especially if they aren't into technology. It's almost like getting a new cell phone from a different brand. 

Rad Models

Besides the upcoming Plaid+ model, Tesla doesn't offer any unique or cool-looking models. Ford has the King Ranch and Raptor, Toyota has TRD models, BMW has the M division models, and GMC has the Denali. Tesla's models look pretty ordinary from the outside and the company doesn't offer any kind of exterior upgrades from the factory besides wheels. This isn't good for those who like to stand out with things like chrome, off-road wheel and tire packages, wider fenders, and loud exhaust systems. In Teslas, it's all about tech like Full Self Driving (FSD) and OTA updates

The Quietness

This is a big one for many, especially for most automotive enthusiasts. There is absolutely no engine noise or vibration. Many like to hear the engine rev and enjoy feeling the vibration it creates. Besides some tire and road noise, EVs are extremely quiet, something most people aren't used to and something some might not like. Although, Teslas have a Boombox feature that allows drivers to play almost any kind of sound they want through the pedestrian warning system speakers.  

Slippery Styling

Most EVs and Teslas look the way they do in order to keep wind resistance or drag to a minimum, this increases efficiency. Therefore, the exterior design of most Teslas and EVs is pretty simple and the Cybertruck isn't for everyone to say the least. Many out there simply don't like the look of Teslas and wouldn't buy one for that reason. 

Interior Layout

This is mostly for drivers who are used to driving sports cars and/or compact cars. Tesla interiors aren't driver-focused like in a Corvette or Ferrari. They are big and spacious and have soft, comfortable seats. Some automakers offer brand-name sports seats with big bolsters, Tesla doesn't. But as the video explains, Teslas have lots of space, tons of cubbies and cup holders, and can easily fit tall individuals. 

Long Roadtrips (My Added Reason)

Many drivers rarely take long road trips, but for the segment of the population that enjoys them, EVs and Teslas might not make sense. Long-distance traveling is the reason I get the most for passing on EVs. Charging an EV or Tesla usually makes a road trip longer and charging stations aren't always available or are located far from the route. As good as Tesla's charging network is, it's still not enough in many areas outside of California. However, if your household has two or more vehicles, the ICE vehicle can be taken on long trips while the EV is used around town, the place most of us drive the most.  

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