YouTube channel Hoonigan got Emelia Hartford, a race car driver and car builder, to race her highly-modified Corvette C8 against a Porsche Taycan Turbo. She claims it's the fastest Corvette C8 in the world, it makes 750 horsepower thanks to its twin turbos and various other modifications. 

The channel found a Taycan Turbo (670 hp) for her to race against, I'm assuming they couldn't find a Turbo S (750 hp) or knew a regular Turbo would be a fairer race. The Taycan owner is an interesting person (if you watch the video you'll know what I mean) but he was brave enough to take an EV to a video production that clearly preferred gas burners.

None of the various video presenters knew much about the Taycan besides the fact that it doesn't have turbos even though it's called a Turbo. This was brought up at least three times in the video. Most of the people shown on camera poked fun at the Taycan but loved the Corvette. 

There was a series of three races, two 1,000-foot races, and one 1,500-foot race. After the first race, it for some reason turned into grudge racing, maybe that's how these videos normally are. Grudge racing involves trash-talking, rules made right before the race, and a street or track race of course. Emelia, as nice as she is, held her own against the interesting Taycan owner during the cringy negotiations before the last two races. 

The C8 won two of the three races but not by much, and one was literally by a nose. It takes an extremely modified C8 to barely beat a Taycan Turbo, which shows how EVs tend to dominate the drag strip. If it had been a Turbo S, there's a good chance the Corvette would've lost all three races. It mostly comes down to the launch, if the Corvette was all-wheel drive it would be able to put its power down better, making it much quicker in a drag race. 

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