Sometimes, having an innovative solution is not all it takes for success. You have to show the prospective customers of that technology how good it can. This is what REE has achieved with the deal it made with Magna, the world's biggest supplier. With a fantastic transit with all automakers, Magna can become a REE ambassador and help REEcorners be in multiple vehicles in the future.

The REEcorner is something the company used to call Corner Modules. They integrate steering, braking, and electric motors in a single unit that is attached both to an electric platform and to the wheels. This is how it avoids unsprung mass and manages to allow repairs to happen in only 15 minutes: that’s the time it takes to replace a defective REEcorner completely.

By joining with Magna, REE will just have to help develop vehicles that automakers decide to build with the technology. Magna is a manufacturing supplier, which means it can take care of producing the entire vehicles for the companies that hire it. Nothing prevents it from building such cars with REEcorners.

Considering how practical this solution can be for commercial vehicles, that will be Magna’s focus with it. As we told our readers back on October 7, 2020, REE developed three electric platforms that could underpin such vans and trucks. With Magna, they can probably offer even more options for their customers.

The MEVs (Modular Electric Vehicles) will be brought to market under the Powered by REE brand. REE and Magna want to create what they call “Mobility-as-a-Service” (MaaS) in the light commercial vehicle segment, but there’s potential for way more than that. Wouldn’t it be nice to go to a shop and spend only about half an hour there for any sort of mechanical repair? We’ll probably hear a lot more about REE after the deal starts delivering its first fruits.

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