Mercedes-Benz has only offered modified combustion-engined vehicles with a battery pack so far. Calling them electric vehicles shows how much the company that invented cars as we know them has been lagging behind Tesla and Lucid. It seems the EQS will finally end that, putting Mercedes-Benz back in the electric car game. With the lowest drag coefficient for a production car, it will achieve an energy efficiency of 4 mi/kWh.

2021 Mercedes EQS Workshop

That’s comparable to the 4.5 mi/kWh Lucid promises the Air will achieve. Tesla and EPA state the Model S Long Range can achieve 402 miles with its 100 kWh battery pack. That translates into a 4.02 mi/kWh energy efficiency if you run your car past the 0 percent warning and until it stops, according to Tesla engineers.

2021 Mercedes EQS Workshop

The EQS beats that: with more than 435 miles of range – probably according to WLTP standards – for its 108 kWh battery pack, it reaches 4.03 mi/kWh. It’s close to what Tesla offers, but it means more than just that in Mercedes-Benz's case.

2021 Mercedes EQS Workshop

The new electric Mercedes-Benz gets there with a drag coefficient of 0.20. The Lucid Air would present 0.21. Both cars will be beaten by the Aptera, which will present a drag coefficient of 0.13. Until Aptera delivers the first unit, the EQS shall hold the most aerodynamic production car's title.

Aerodynamics is crucial for reaching more energy efficiency. Aptera tackles that and mass – being extremely light, allowing it to reach 10 mi/kWh. The EQS is yet to tell us how it got there, but it has certainly not done by adding "dumb range," as Peter Rawlinson often refers to that. Its 108-kWh battery pack is smaller than that in the Lucid Air, for example, which holds 113 kWh.

It is not clear if the EQS will also be a light vehicle, but its luxurious interior tells otherwise. Despite that, it is impressive to see the world's oldest car company prove that it can compete with the newcomers. We’ll follow the world presentation closely to learn Mercedes-Benz’s recipe to get there beyond aerodynamics.

Gallery: 2021 Mercedes EQS Workshop

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