Let's take a look at Tesla Giga Austin, one of the largest construction sites in the U.S., where within less than eight months Tesla has changed the landscape beyond recognition.

The new video from Jeff Roberts, recorded on March 12, 2021, reveals beautiful footage of the site early in the day when the third shift ends and the first shift starts.

At this point, the construction of the massive plant is highly advanced. It seems that most of the main construction area has the foundation completed and about a third or so has buildings or steel structures at various stages of completion.

One of the best overviews of what is going on at Giga Ausin is provided by Joe Tegtmeyer, who adds descriptions about particular sections (flyover starts at 6.00):

It's expected that Tesla will produce at the site also battery cells, including some battery materials like lithium hydroxide.

However, the first task is the production of the Tesla Model Y, starting by the end of 2021. If the company was able to build so much in less than eight months, we believe that there should be no problem with launching the Model Y at some point this year. The question is how about the Tesla Cybertruck?

The third video, recorded on the same day, comes from Terafactory Texas and also provides great footage:

Tesla Giga Austin (Gigafactory 5) in Austin, Texas:

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