We knew that December would be strong, but Renault has surprised us with really high electric vehicle sales last month. According to the preliminary manufacturer numbers, 21,504 all-electric cars (excluding Twizy) were sold (up 206% year-over-year).

Compared to the overall volume, over 19,800 passenger electric cars stand for about 12.4% of the brand's volume globally. In Europe, almost 19,400 passenger electric cars translate to an extraordinary 23% share!

EVs accounts also for 4.8% of Renault's light commercial vehicles globally (5.9% in Europe).

Renault electric car sales – December 2020



In December, sales of the Renault hit an all-time high of over 16,700 units. Moreover, also the Renault Twingo Z.E. sales increased to a substantial level of over 3,300.

According to the preliminary data, Renault sold 102,868 ZOE in 2020, including almost 2,000 registered as light commercial vehicles. The official press release says that 100,657 ZOEs were sold in 2020 in Europe, but we guess that the number of registrations will be noticeably lower (between 95,000 and 100,000). Regardless of the final number, the ZOE was #1 in Europe last year.


Renault electric car sales – 2020

Renault sold about 118,900 all-electric cars globally in 2020 (preliminary data), including some 115,888 in Europe (according to Renault's press release), which more or less doubles the 2019 result.

The share of passenger electric cars out of the overall volume for the Renault brand is 6.7% globally and 11% in Europe.

Renault lineup - from left Twizy, ZOE, Kangoo Z.E., Master Z.E.

Data does not include plug-in hybrids or the Renault Twizy – heavy quadricycles (L7e).

Additionally, Renault Samsung Motors sold 91 SM3 Z.E. in South Korea (857 YTD).

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