The all-new Volvo XC40 Recharge is the latest electric car tested in the famous and humorous Banana box test by Bjorn Nyland.

As the front trunk is too small to handle even a single box, the main focus is on the trunk and rear space. The result is 7 (trunk) and 21 (after folding the rear seats).

It's actually one of the better results, on par with the 2018 Nissan LEAF, ahead of Kia Soul EV. Definitely, a strong result if you are looking for a roomy car.

The Mazda MX-30, tested in November, is closer to the opposite end of the table. Its result of 6 boxes in the trunk and 16 total (with folded rear seats) can be considered relatively ok for the size of the car.

Bjørn Nyland's banana box test results (number of boxes: trunk+frunk/total)

VW e-Crafter: 156/156

Nissan e-NV200: 50/50

Model X 5 seater: 10+1/28

Model S pre-facelift: 8+2/24

Kia e-Soul: 7/23

Model X 6 seater: 9+1/23

Audi e-tron: 8/23

Audi e-tron Sportback: 7/23

Kia e-Niro: 8/22

Model S facelift: 8/22

Xpeng G3: 8/21

Nissan Leaf 2018: 7/21

Volvo XC40 Recharge: 7/21

Kia Soul EV: 6/21

MG ZS EV: 8/20

Mercedes-Benz EQC: 7/20

Jaguar I-pace: 6/20

Peugeot e-2008: 6/20

Polestar 2: 6/19

Volkswagen ID.3: 7/19

Hyundai Ioniq: 6/18

Nissan Leaf 2013: 5/18

DS3 Crossback e-tense: 5/18

Peugeot e-208: 5/18

Xpeng P7 Performance: 5/18

Tesla Model 3: 6+1/17

Renault ZOE: 6/17

Opel Ampera-e: 5/17

Mazda MX-30: 6/16

Porsche Taycan: 5+1/16

Hyundai Kona: 5/16

VW e-Golf: 5/16

Mitsubishi i-MiEV: 3/16

VW e-up: 4/14

BMW i3: 4/14

Fiat 500e: 1/8

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