People went crazy when Tesla revealed the Cybertruck, with reactions ranging from ‘ shut up and take my money, ‘ to ‘ they’ll never build that, it can never work.’ But regardless of where you stand between those two viewpoints, you can’t deny the fact that the Tesla truck’s reveal has caused ripples all across the world, and even though it’s not fresh news any more, it’s still inspiring people.

After the slew of tinkerers who attempted to build their own versions of the Cybertruck, it also inspired people to apply its design to other objects or means of transportation. The most recent we’ve stumbled across is this so-called Cyberwheel, basically an electric unicycle (also known as an EUC) that has been styled to look like the Tesla pickup.

Unsurprisingly, Wesley, the man who built it is a Tesla employee who is passionate about the company (and who also clearly likes the Cybertruck’s design). He is from southern California and he is featured in this video posted on YouTube by Jimmy Chang who checks out the Cyberwheel and its creator. Oh, and make sure to read the full post on as it goes into a lot of detail about the project.

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