While anecdotal reports can easily be used to suggest Tesla's quarterly deliveries will be a huge success, other reports can be used to suggest the opposite. It really depends on where you get your reports and what you believe. Being that we know Tesla has a history of ramping up deliveries in a big way at the end of the quarter and the end of the year, we're going to assume that's the plan in the present.

Several reports out of China suggest that Tesla will have notable delivery success there in Q4 2020, and more specifically, in the month of December. Ray4Tesla closely follows Tesla China and reports on progress often. Last week, Ray tweeted that there have been "anecdotal sightings of unusual activities" at Tesla stores in China. This could be due to the launch of the refreshed Model 3 and/or the beginning of Model Y production. He also said some stores are working to clear out inventory.


Fast-forward to this week and Ray points to Shanghai's out-of-city license plate rule as a potential contributing factor to the rise in Model 3 sales over the last few months, which is expected to continue in December.


Apparently, interest in EVs has grown significantly since China changed the license plate rules. Shanghai has tough license plate restrictions, which limit the number of plates car owners are allowed. In addition, there are restrictions on non-local license plates, and China has recently upped those restrictions. However, NEVs (New Energy Vehicles) are exempt from the restrictions, making them an even more compelling option. In addition, "green" license plates are available, free, and don't require a purchase tax.

How many Model 3 sedans will Tesla deliver in China this December? Will the automaker cross the 180,000-vehicle delivery threshold globally and achieve its delivery targets? Drop us a line in the comment section below.

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