"These are the symbol of generations of Petrolheads, of enthusiasts. Whoever owns one of this, lives that sense of belonging and feels part of something bigger. Porsche on the one hand, Harley Davidson on the other. They are two iconic brands, capable of conveying emotions. One comes from the “Old World”, the other has pure American blood.

6-cylinder flat engine on the one hand, 45-degree V-twin engine of pure metal on the other. Porsche versus Harley Davidson, you’ve understood this.

But there’s another element that unites them: they have the courage to dare, to change, remaining faithful. A new electric soul.

The Taycan is the answer of a sports brand like Porsche to the performance of the Tesla Model S. With the technical peculiarity of being built on an 800 Volt architecture, with 500 kW of power. Speaking of horsepower, that's 680. With a torque of 850 Nm. The weight on the scales, that doesn't go unnoticed. When empty it weighs 2380 kilograms.

And weight is one of the trump cards that the Harley Davidson LiveWire can exploit. The Milwaukee electric weighs 251 kilos. 78 kW of power, then 105 Hp, and 116 Nm of torque to be released immediately on the rear wheel. It hit the market after other companies such as Zero and Energica, but it wants to do like Apple. After all, even Apple came after Nokia or Motorola, but with the winning technology.

So Taycan Vs Livewire, which one is faster?

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