James Locke, Model 3 driver and beta tester of the Tesla's Full Self-Driving (FSD) feature, recently shared two videos demonstrating the capabilities of the car with the latest 2020.40.8.10 update.

The first 39-minute video is from Santa Clarita to Pasadena, while the second 35-minute video is from Pasadena to Santa Clarita. Both recorded on October 23 to check out FSD on a typical commuting route.

It's mostly highway, but there is also a fair part of city driving with lots of lights and turns.

In this particular example, the Navigate on Autopilot with FSD was surprisingly capable (including dealing with stoplights, stop signs, lane changes and turning), although it's still an early beta, which means the car can't drive by itself.

The cautious driver had "a few interventions" when he had to take control. Sometimes FSD was really slow, and rare times the turn was not done properly, or the car did not turn on the turn signal. Too high of a speed over speed bumps was also noted.

"Had lots of various situations, had a few interventions but overall very impressive for early beta of FSD."

In general, it's a positive demonstration of an early beta system. It's pretty amazing that Tesla can do all that without the hardware equipment that other companies are testing (like LIDARs).

It will be interesting to see how fast the system will progress from here, as polishing it and solving the last critical cases might take quite some time (to the point of the full commercial release of a 100% secure feature).

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